Favourite Olympic Girl

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by damN_Grave, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    moar gymnast pls
  2. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Not even if it was a woman.
  3. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Once again, whatever these are

  4. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    ^ The face on the girl in pink. Rofl.
  5. IcyAngel

    IcyAngel Well-Known Member

    That'd make for a very muscular woman!
  6. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with that. Just needs somewhere on the lower body for me to grab onto.
  7. JustusK

    JustusK Well-Known Member

    This thread is going places.
  8. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    "That's my woman, bitch!"
  9. Q__Q

    Q__Q Banned

    Welcome to the permabanned club GraveDamn.
  10. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Did he actually get perma'd or temp'd?
  11. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Didn't spend much time watching the olympic games the only thing so far i enjoyed watching was the opening show...

    Anyway i did spot this girl from belarus she looks kinda cute i suppose.
    First from the left. Aljaksandra Gerasimenja / Aliaksandra Herasimenia


    Couldn't find barely dressed pictures in 60s so i gave up.


    Add Maria Paseka. Pretty cute imo.
  13. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    I don't watch the Olympics, but here was this hungarian swimmer girl Jakabos Zsuzsa who was selected as the hottest girl there (lol), all she reminded was that silly series about Xena ~fifteen years ago.

    For example, Jakabos Zsuzsa and a random blonde girl:


    Xena and Gabrielle:


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  14. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    2nd image not working ^
  15. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

  16. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Oh Xena...
    Oooo~ Xena!
  17. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    suddenly my pole Vaulted

  18. maikimai

    maikimai Well-Known Member

    ^^Now that's a 10/10 body.
  19. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    The boobs, ass, and hips are too small for my tastes :\
  20. Avenar

    Avenar Well-Known Member

    Most women doing sports will not benefit from having big boobs, ass and hips.
    However I found an olympicon who might satisfy your taste: