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  1. Glac1al

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    Just so today I've posted that picture in the chat of skype lol, it's full of lulz. That mana transfer was the weirdest.

    That theory which says that Archer wanted to kill Emiya and make a paradox and let Rin summon Saber sounded right off the bat to me though, or the reason why he didn't ekusukariba'd/caliburn'd Berserker due to his resistance increasing for the same technique used on him so Shirou wouldn't fail.
  2. Royal_Naga

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    I feel ignored no one wants to talk about loli assasin?
    I mean LOLI you know? This kind of topic should lure Mr. Foxxie
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    Apparently we got struck with serious bussines.
  4. thrall_jr

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    somehow the lolis from nasuverse are not liked by most people...
    but hey who the hell cares illya~~
  5. TheKindlyOne

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    Guys, u are forgetting the MOST EPIC loli assassin in the entire Fate universe.


    Jack the Ripper?


    Does anyone not want a loli Jack the Ripper?


    Yes, loli Jack the Ripper.

    SHE is "Jack" the Ripper.

    And Chapter 1 of Fate/Apocrypha is pretty decent. If anyone wants to read it, just google it, or i can send u the link. Screw it, I'll just post it now.

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    Haha, they really should've changed her name into Jane or something.
  7. Mr. Foxxie

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    Thou has lured me. I findeth no pictures, thus I shalt return to where I cameth from.
  8. Royal_Naga

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    Yes DO WANT!
    Is my favourite servant because I like Assasin class and she haves so many good passive skills. If I were his Master I would fight to give her a normal life, a second chance of having a childhood and being happy.
    I would try to avoid using her in direct combat and use her extremely good Presence Concealment to gather information and try to kill the master by myself.
  9. Glac1al

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    ^Emiya Shirou? You sound like what he'd do in that situation, lol.
  10. Royal_Naga

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    I know >_<
    BUT Jackeline-chan is just a child in my values if I were in the Holy grail War and I get a servant that is an adult I would fight along his side without problems, but Jack the Ripper (Servant Assasin) would get more and more tainted has the battle goes on (because of her own passive ability, a "mental pollution" that goes futher if she is exposed to a gruesome enviroment)

    In the other hand being serious If I got a Servant like her and there is no way to make her avoid direct combat I would enter in to a later stage of the war and I would try to manipulate the war in to leaving just female masters...
    I know that I need to be pragmatic to win, but I also have my own values in my mind during a battle there is no such a thing has "honor" but killing children and involving them in combat is out of question.

    Also because of Jack the Ripper class she can't match servants like Saber, Rider or Lancer is combat so she needs to kill their master on the first try.
    I personally like most the Assasin and Berserker class.
    In my free time I write some "fate status char" for heroes that aren't listed in the Fate universe like Jacques of Molais (Saber)
  11. Glac1al

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    Coming to speak of which servant classes I like, that would be Archer and Berserker though sadly two latest Archers imo are considered as a (f-)NP spammers.
  12. Secchan

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    Parametres of Apocrypha servant where ?
    and is Ryougi Shiki realted to Tohno Shiki?
  13. 5chneemensch

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    Excalibur is made by fairies, he can't trace "outer-world" weapons
    Same reason why he couldn't trace Ea

    Shirou couldn't trace the "real" Caliburn either, he simply gathered all he know of the image and made a "selfmade" Caliburn
  14. Hey00

    Hey00 Well-Known Member

    Are you sure about that? It seemed to me that during HF, he did trace Excalibur, or was I wrong?
    It seems to me that Archer said at one point (it may have been during the anime of UBW) that he could trace Excalibur, but not perfectly.

    There's a difference between Ea and Excalibur, Ea has been made before the world, Excalibur has been made by the world.
  15. Royal_Naga

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    Excalibur was made by fairies not by the world and notice one big difference between shirou making a replica of Excaliburn and between any other replica:

    - Fake Excaliburn breaks right away after his use
    - It inmeditatly makes shirou faint if not die (Not having Saber sheat would make him explode after the trace)
    - He don't gains the knowledge to use the weapon has a wielder like with Kansho and Byakuya
  16. Hey00

    Hey00 Well-Known Member

    Aren't fairies kind of doing the will of the world? Anyway, Ea wasn't made by fairies, it was made before, I'm not sure Shirou even recognizes it as a sword.

    When he projected Excalibur, he was essentially already dead, the sheath wasn't doing much without Saber's mana, it was his last possible projection, he'd die whatever he would project, because of his arm and the rest (that guy is just the worst masochist/most awesome determinator ever). We don't know what would happen if he traced it while being healthy or if Archer projected it.

    Concerning the knowledge, doesn't he actually uses Excalibur? I may be wrong on that, but that's what I understood.
  17. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Fairies are from otherworld, in fact when Saber uses Avalon it don't creates a shield or a barrier since there is nothing that can portect you from Ea, but instead removes her from reality like Puck's Phase shift, it takes her to the land of the fairies for a short time.
    Yes Shirou uses Excaiburn 2 times one with the help of Saber , since both were close to each other Avalon was preventing Shirou from exploding and also sinceSaber was holding the sword to they culd kill berserker.

    Now about Heaven's Feel ED I say Deux ex Machina!
  18. 5chneemensch

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    - Ea is made by a material not known to man
    - Shirou never traced Excalibur, he traced a copy of Caliburn
    - Excalibur is made by fairies, I don't know about Caliburn

    False, Kiritsugu planted the sheath into Shirou to save his life after the Holy Grail destroyed Fuyuki
    Also, at the time where Shirou took the full-strength-blow from 'Zerker to "save" Saber, he would have been cleaved in half, but the sheath prevented it

    He can "download" the skills the weapons previous masters had aquired, thats why Goldies "originals" got destroyed(!) by Shirou's "fakes"
    Goldies weakness is not only his pride, but also he incapability to use a weapon

    Good point, dunno, could be
    If I ever get internet again, I gonna lurk Beasts Lair moar
  19. Glac1al

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    ^You made me remember that wtf scene in the VN when Shirou fought Gilgamesh, I mean in the swing fight when he supposedly had his insides coming out, projected Caliburn and fought Gilgamesh with real Caliburn, could deflect blows only thanks to Caliburn's auto defence hax or something, then what the hell was next, didn't expect in Fate to see Shirou recover with blade coverage.
  20. 5chneemensch

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    ^ wat

    Do you mean the scene where Saber and Shirou met Goldie on the streets after their date?