Casual Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Victory

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    1.20e, 6.27b, -AP

    Uploaded for all to enjoy and to preserve some history. Virot2 was the guy that inspired me to start playing Tinker way back in the day. When I watched this replay, I knew that Tinker was special. Although Virot2 has stopped playing Tinker and DotA altogether, I hope that this replay continues to be watched. If Virot2 could see the buffs that Tinker has gotten over the years, he would be so proud.

    Virot2's old/outdated Tinker Guide:

    Original # of downloads on old DotA website: 19,446

    Instructions to watch this famous replay from the old dota allstars days:
    1. Download the 1.20e patch: and paste into wvs folder (located in the same folder as the version changer.exe)
    2. Use the version switcher to change back to 1.20e:
    3. Download Dota 6.27b: and paste into your WarCraft 3/Maps/Download/DotA Allstars v6.27b (make sure its named DotA Allstars v6.27b)
    4. Load replay

    Original replay description from Virot2:
    The Big One- if you hear someone talking about a Tinker replay on the forums, they probably mean this. This replay has a long thread in the Replays forum, found here. Here is my description from there:

    (Virot2 @ Feb 20 2006, 06:39 PM)

    Picture this:

    -It's 80 min into the game, 4v4
    -The game score is 21-50, and every hero on the Sentinel team has a negative record
    -The Scourge have lost 5 towers, the Sentinel 8 (including two base towers)
    -The entire Scourge team has godly items:
    --- Drow has Burize, Butterfly, and Stygian
    --- Stealth Assassin has MKB, Sange & Yasha, and Heart
    --- Axe has Heart, Aegis, and a Reaver
    --- Zeus has BoT, Refresher, and Aghanim's
    -The best hero the Sentinel has is a Tinker with 2-6.

    See if you can guess who wins the game, then watch the replay and be amazed.

    1. Tinker goes Eul's as first major item (old Eul's before remake)
    2. Tinker gets a 36 minute Boots of Travel
    3. (fill in later)

    Chat Log:
    0:04 [All] whitetigon: ap
    0:04 [All] Virot2: -aLlPick
    0:10 [All] 3px_: rofl
    0:13 [All] whitetigon: lol
    0:15 [Allies] 3px_: -random

    0:50 [Allies] hi_noobs: -MA
    1:21 [Allies] Virot2: Mid
    1:24 [All] whitetigon: ....
    1:28 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: omg
    1:28 [All] whitetigon: stay when he drops
    1:28 [Allies] Virot2: -ping hi_noobs
    1:32 [Allies] 3px_: his ping?
    1:33 [Allies] 3px_: lol
    1:33 [All] Virot2: Ping to hi_noobs : 284 ms.
    1:33 [Allies] hi_noobs: LAAGGGGGGGGGGGG
    1:36 [Allies] 3px_: rofl
    1:37 [Allies] Virot2: Going bottom
    1:37 [All] 3px_: lol
    1:37 [All] 3px_: k
    1:37 [All] whitetigon: lol
    1:37 [All] whozthizphu: if your goin mid be ready to get nuked
    1:38 [All] whitetigon: stay
    1:39 [Allies] hi_noobs: M
    1:41 [Allies] hi_noobs: -MS
    1:57 [Allies] 3px_: ms
    2:00 [Allies] 3px_: -ms

    3:54 [Allies] Virot2: Is mid okay?
    3:54 [All] whitetigon: blue your mean
    3:54 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: ya
    3:54 [All] Virot2: I'm sorry.
    3:55 [All] fhssoccer6: Snipe, you're mean
    3:56 [Allies] Virot2: Good
    3:57 [Allies] 3px_: tell us if you need help
    3:57 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    3:58 hi_noobs has left the game.
    4:18 [All] whitetigon: og was noob anyways
    4:26 [All] Virot2: Yes.
    4:33 [All] 3px_: less feed for you guys sorry

    5:44 [All] fhssoccer6: Wow...

    6:38 [Allies] Virot2: gj
    6:39 [Allies] SemperDude: gj
    6:46 [All] fhssoccer6: Saw that coming...

    7:18 [Allies] 3px_: -ms
    7:26 [Allies] 3px_: 370!
    7:28 [Allies] 3px_: i love it

    9:02 [Allies] 3px_: sigh
    9:02 [Allies] SemperDude: Healing.
    9:06 [Allies] 3px_: one ran away
    9:09 [Allies] 3px_: one got creeped
    9:10 [Allies] 3px_: sigh
    9:14 [Game Command] fhssoccer6: -ma
    9:17 [Allies] SemperDude: Sorry I couldn't assassinate.
    9:21 [Allies] 3px_: ya its ok

    10:32 [All] whozthizphu: :) blue this will be fun :)
    10:38 [All] Virot2: Indeed.

    11:19 [Allies] 3px_: mmm
    11:27 [Allies] 3px_: axe is pising me of
    11:36 [Allies] SemperDude: We're sorry.

    12:35 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: help mid

    13:37 [All] whozthizphu: LUCKY lol

    14:22 [Allies] Virot2: Aww, close Maclyn
    15:39 [All] whozthizphu: first round goes to me blue
    15:45 [All] whitetigon: lol
    15:48 [Allies] Virot2: Yeah, yeah, go heal.
    15:52 [All] Virot2: Yeah, yeah, go heal.
    15:59 [All] whozthizphu: going shopping :)
    16:17 [All] fhssoccer6: Wow, yellow
    16:52 [Allies] 3px_: ya
    16:53 [Allies] 3px_: zeus.
    16:55 [All] TheMacqualizer: dam you zues
    17:02 [All] whozthizphu: late game will be fun with double wrath :)
    17:02 [All] fhssoccer6: You were dead anyways...
    17:09 [Allies] 3px_: -ms
    17:14 [Allies] Virot2: Lategame will be fun with Manta/rearm

    18:18 [All] whozthizphu: damn you lol
    18:22 [All] 3px_: oops outside interference =P
    18:29 [All] whozthizphu: lol
    18:46 [All] whozthizphu: ill show you outside interference when your low on life purp :)
    18:51 [All] whozthizphu: i got my eye on you
    18:52 [All] Virot2: Lol.
    18:52 [All] 3px_: zzz -_-
    18:55 [All] 3px_: you almost got me once -_-
    19:01 [All] whozthizphu: ya i know 13 hp lol
    19:39 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: got the gem
    19:41 [Allies] 3px_: sa is in revers
    19:43 [Allies] 3px_: rivers
    19:46 [Allies] 3px_: ya
    19:49 [Allies] 3px_: i got it
    19:53 [Allies] 3px_: too bad it doesnt sell
    19:54 [Allies] 3px_: -_-
    19:54 [Game Command] fhssoccer6: -ma

    20:43 [All] whozthizphu: GOD brown you scared the living shit out of me lol
    20:54 [All] Virot2: Lol.

    21:59 [All] whozthizphu: yellow say goodbye
    22:51 [All] whitetigon: go for brw
    22:58 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    23:13 [Allies] 3px_: -ms
    23:15 [Allies] 3px_: zzzz

    24:06 [All] fhssoccer6: Fuck
    24:08 [All] fhssoccer6: was typing
    24:10 [All] whitetigon: weeee
    24:10 [All] 3px_: lol
    24:11 [All] whozthizphu: lol thats mean bule
    24:14 [All] whozthizphu: blue*
    24:15 [Allies] 3px_: ...
    24:17 [Allies] 3px_: semper...
    24:20 [All] whitetigon: it was fun
    24:29 [Allies] SemperDude: I thought you had it, and was trying not ot ks.
    24:37 [Allies] 3px_: dont worry about fucking ks
    24:39 [Allies] 3px_: ks all you want
    24:39 [All] whozthizphu: snipe you should go heal
    24:41 [Allies] 3px_: i dont care
    24:42 [Allies] 3px_: dont let me die
    24:43 [Allies] SemperDude: Okay, sorry.
    24:44 [Allies] 3px_: -_-
    24:52 [Allies] SemperDude: But I didn't think you'd die.
    25:09 [All] whozthizphu: tried to warn you
    25:12 [Allies] SemperDude: Wow, that's a lot of lightning.
    25:16 [All] whitetigon: omg
    25:17 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    25:20 [All] fhssoccer6: He's nice
    25:28 [All] SemperDude: Yeah, he is. Thanks, pink.
    25:32 [All] whozthizphu: :)

    26:16 [Allies] 3px_: you're fucking
    26:17 [Allies] 3px_: kidding

    28:16 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    28:23 [Allies] 3px_: -ma
    29:31 [All] whitetigon: blue play with me
    29:51 [All] whitetigon: i like your wards
    30:00 [All] Virot2: Thx
    30:17 [Allies] SemperDude: omw
    30:26 [All] whitetigon: mean
    30:31 [All] whozthizphu: lol noob
    31:43 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: we need to groop attack
    31:45 [All] whozthizphu: that should teach you to hold me
    31:48 [All] whozthizphu: :p
    31:55 [All] fhssoccer6: Ewwwwwwww
    31:57 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    32:01 [All] whozthizphu: lol

    32:47 [All] whozthizphu: dont forget about me
    32:50 [All] whitetigon: lol
    33:18 [All] whozthizphu: gem
    33:24 [All] whozthizphu: damn u purp
    33:47 [Allies] 3px_: fucking
    33:47 [Allies] 3px_: FUCKING
    33:49 [Allies] 3px_: HE GOT AWAY;LADKSFJ;LADKFS
    34:26 [All] fhssoccer6: THE ONE!!!!
    34:28 [All] fhssoccer6: xD

    35:43 [All] whozthizphu: purp get some more life so your a harder targe
    35:46 [All] whozthizphu: target
    35:59 [All] 3px_: you're going to kill our afk soon
    36:01 [All] 3px_: with one hit
    36:02 [All] 3px_: sigh
    36:03 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    36:16 [Allies] Virot2: gj
    36:20 [All] whitetigon: fuck brw
    36:28 [All] whitetigon: he keeps buying you guys gems
    36:51 [Allies] Virot2: I can't now
    36:54 [Allies] Virot2: too close to purchase
    37:13 [Allies] 3px_: hold him and i'll burn
    37:16 [All] whitetigon: blue suck a nut
    37:16 [Allies] 3px_: i then use ultimate and stun
    37:26 [All] fhssoccer6: lol, cyclone
    37:44 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    37:47 [All] whozthizphu: gj tower
    37:51 [All] 3px_: BAH
    37:52 [All] 3px_: FUCKING TOWER
    37:57 [All] fhssoccer6: Dude, that tower is ownage
    38:06 [All] whozthizphu: why do you think i ran that way instead of toward my base :)
    38:07 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: lol
    38:10 [All] whozthizphu: i was dead either way
    38:10 [All] fhssoccer6: hahaha
    38:14 [All] 3px_: thats MY 200 extra that i should have gotten
    38:30 [Allies] Virot2: I'm there
    38:34 [Allies] Virot2: This will be a close game

    39:09 [All] whozthizphu: lucky no ult yet :)
    39:10 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: fing invis
    39:16 [All] 3px_: ya
    39:18 [All] 3px_: lucky.
    39:19 [All] 3px_: zzz

    39:50 [Allies] 3px_: sigh
    39:53 [All] whozthizphu: blues not so lucky
    40:15 [Allies] SemperDude: Who keeps moving orange away from the fountain?
    40:22 [Allies] 3px_: the attack
    40:23 [Allies] 3px_: zeus
    40:23 [Allies] SemperDude: Oh.
    40:26 [Allies] SemperDude: Stupid zeus.
    40:32 [Allies] Virot2: Where are the gems coming from?
    40:36 [Allies] Virot2: Are they buying them?
    42:09 [All] fhssoccer6: Purple, what's Anti's ms?
    42:13 [Allies] 3px_: -ms
    42:16 [All] 3px_: 200
    42:19 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    42:26 [All] 3px_: no serious i speed ahck
    42:43 [All] 3px_: wtf
    42:46 [All] 3px_: dont attack me like that
    43:02 [All] whozthizphu: sorry
    43:19 [Allies] 3px_: blue you need money
    43:25 [Allies] 3px_: i dont want to lose any right now
    43:55 [All] whozthizphu: :) boots
    44:07 [Allies] 3px_: sa top

    44:41 [All] whozthizphu: damn not low enough lol
    44:43 [All] whitetigon: mean
    44:47 [All] whozthizphu: few more hits by creeps
    44:51 [All] fhssoccer6: Damn you blue
    44:51 [All] whitetigon: i wanted tower
    44:54 [All] fhssoccer6: You had me
    44:55 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    45:26 [All] whitetigon: sorry blue i need health or i would play

    46:18 [Allies] 3px_: not too low health yelow
    46:31 [Allies] 3px_: help
    46:54 [All] whozthizphu: grrr
    46:57 [Allies] 3px_: wheres the other one
    47:12 [Allies] Virot2: The SA? Who knows?
    47:20 [Allies] 3px_: lol i meant
    47:22 [Allies] 3px_: the floating guy
    47:24 [Allies] 3px_: whats it calle
    47:28 [All] whitetigon: blue run
    47:34 [All] whozthizphu: you have 25 secs run
    47:39 [All] whozthizphu: lol
    47:43 [All] whitetigon: lmao
    47:45 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    48:04 [All] whitetigon: purple run
    48:10 [All] 3px_: i am
    48:11 [All] 3px_: shit
    48:13 [All] whitetigon: lol
    48:17 [All] whitetigon: im not near you
    49:01 [All] whitetigon: your feed
    49:08 [All] 3px_: jesus i got tired of chasing
    49:10 [Allies] Virot2: Omg, what was that?

    49:54 [All] whozthizphu: bye purp
    50:00 [All] 3px_: screw you
    50:05 [All] Jay-One: lol
    50:08 [All] whozthizphu: screw your tower is more like it :
    51:10 [All] fhssoccer6: RUN
    51:10 [Allies] 3px_: back
    51:11 [Allies] 3px_: mac
    51:11 [Allies] 3px_: back
    51:13 [All] fhssoccer6: hjahaha
    51:20 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    51:32 [All] fhssoccer6: That was amusing
    51:35 [Allies] 3px_: careful
    51:38 [All] SemperDude: I'm glad you're amused.
    52:17 [Allies] Virot2: Don't fight inside the cloud
    52:22 [All] fhssoccer6: wow
    52:27 [All] fhssoccer6: I am so lucky I have allies
    52:28 [All] fhssoccer6: lol

    53:02 [All] whozthizphu: damn your missles blue
    53:39 [All] whitetigon: yawn
    55:15 [All] whitetigon: hahahahahahahahhaahaha
    55:27 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: god dam it eric help
    55:33 [Allies] SemperDude: Er...How?
    55:38 [All] fhssoccer6: BURN MAN
    55:39 [Allies] 3px_: dont help
    55:42 [Allies] 3px_: run
    55:45 [Allies] 3px_: dont get killed
    55:45 [Allies] 3px_: lol
    55:48 [All] whozthizphu: scepter soon:)
    55:54 [All] SemperDude: Good job.
    57:42 [All] whitetigon: teal come out to play
    57:47 [All] SemperDude: No.
    57:50 [All] whitetigon: lol
    57:58 [Game Command] fhssoccer6: -ma
    58:12 [Allies] 3px_: fucking
    58:15 [All] whitetigon: blue you make me laugh
    58:35 [All] whitetigon: rasta food

    59:21 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: i hate sa
    59:41 [All] whitetigon: lol
    59:47 [All] fhssoccer6: Damn
    59:47 [Allies] Virot2: I'll try to push back the side lanes
    59:47 [All] fhssoccer6: Mistimed my run
    59:48 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    60:09 [Allies] SemperDude: We are so getting owned.
    60:37 [All] whozthizphu: bullies
    60:47 [Allies] 3px_: wtf
    60:54 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    61:00 [All] fhssoccer6: There's my suicide run
    61:23 [All] Jay-One: close but no cigar :p

    62:06 [All] whitetigon: blue you dont have creeps
    63:48 [All] whitetigon: blue your pissing me off
    64:02 [All] Virot2: I thought I made you laugh
    64:13 subaru6788 has left the game.
    64:18 [All] fhssoccer6: Finally
    64:24 [All] whitetigon: even
    64:24 [All] whitetigon: lol
    65:20 [Allies] 3px_: you got vyse i see
    65:23 [Allies] Virot2: Yes
    65:30 [Allies] SemperDude: Good job.
    65:49 [Allies] SemperDude: Yay! Axe has aegis!
    66:01 [Allies] 3px_: and a heart
    66:03 [Allies] 3px_: what a tank
    66:43 [All] whitetigon: blue you make me mad
    66:48 [All] whitetigon: lol
    66:56 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    66:58 [All] fhssoccer6: lucky
    67:02 [All] Virot2: Yeah
    67:08 [All] whozthizphu: stop chasin
    67:14 [Allies] SemperDude: Needed: 2 ghosts, 2 command centers, and 2 nuclear silos. Plus lots of minerals and vespane.
    67:15 [All] fhssoccer6: I was about to culling a different one
    67:45 [All] whitetigon: no fun
    67:52 [All] 3px_: then end it
    68:22 [All] whitetigon: danm you guys

    68:55 [All] whozthizphu: ow
    69:01 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    70:19 [All] whozthizphu: snipin isnt nice
    70:24 [All] SemperDude: We're sorry.

    71:04 [All] whozthizphu: lol
    71:48 [All] whozthizphu: screw you lol

    72:26 [Allies] 3px_: how many more on ageis
    72:29 [Allies] Virot2: 1

    74:45 [Allies] 3px_: ...
    74:50 [All] Jay-One: that was mine!

    75:31 [Allies] Virot2: gj team
    75:32 [All] whozthizphu: sorry purp

    76:27 [All] whozthizphu: i think refresher sounds nice :)
    76:32 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    76:34 [Allies] 3px_: you guys see drow
    76:35 [All] fhssoccer6: Double wrath
    76:37 [All] fhssoccer6: xD
    76:39 [Allies] 3px_: you guys see drow...
    76:39 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    76:42 [Allies] 3px_: +288
    76:47 [Allies] 3px_: 350 dmg
    76:49 [All] whozthizphu: i wonder if they stack
    76:56 [All] Virot2: They don't
    76:59 [All] whozthizphu: :(
    77:01 [All] Virot2: Share cooldown

    77:48 [All] whozthizphu: lol

    78:48 [Allies] SemperDude: Drow teh broken!
    78:55 [Allies] SemperDude: SA teh broken!
    79:21 [Allies] 3px_: you're kidding
    79:23 [Allies] 3px_: drow..
    80:34 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: thx
    81:50 [Allies] SemperDude: Wow, even SA has a heart.
    82:01 [Allies] 3px_: ya
    82:02 [Allies] 3px_: fuck
    82:03 [Allies] 3px_: ing
    82:05 [Allies] 3px_: sigh
    82:12 [Allies] 3px_: you look at the score
    82:14 [Allies] 3px_: and you see why
    82:20 [Allies] 3px_: or how at least

    83:19 [Allies] SemperDude: I never knew zeus could be good.
    83:23 [All] whitetigon: lol
    83:24 [Allies] 3px_: ...
    83:26 [Allies] 3px_: are you kidding?
    83:39 [Allies] SemperDude: No. I'd only seen him played by noobs.
    83:45 [All] whozthizphu: i guess thats a free kill everytime my refresher cools down :)
    84:08 [All] whitetigon: shit
    84:13 [Allies] SemperDude: YES!
    84:41 [Allies] 3px_: -ms
    84:44 [Allies] 3px_: sigh
    85:11 [Allies] SemperDude: gj
    85:15 [Allies] Virot2: thx
    85:38 [Allies] 3px_: \b
    85:41 [Allies] 3px_: teal
    85:41 [Allies] 3px_: b

    86:15 [Allies] 3px_: ...
    86:25 [Allies] SemperDude: What's wrong?
    86:49 [All] whitetigon: blue you piss me off
    86:58 [All] 3px_: no.
    87:00 [All] Virot2: I don't make you laugh anymore :(
    87:06 [All] whitetigon: no
    87:06 [All] whozthizphu: no you dont
    87:21 [All] whitetigon: fucking up there towers inside

    88:08 [All] fhssoccer6: That was funny
    88:35 [Allies] Virot2: Yeah! I got one!
    88:46 [Allies] SemperDude: STFU, slippy.
    88:55 [Allies] 3px_: lol
    89:14 [Allies] 3px_: nvm
    89:21 [Allies] SemperDude: How are we still alive?
    89:25 [Allies] 3px_: david?
    89:25 [All] whozthizphu: blue does your ult clear your item cooldowns too?
    89:30 [All] Virot2: Yes.
    89:36 [All] whozthizphu: omg thats a big BUG lol
    89:41 [All] Virot2: Bug? Lol.
    89:55 [All] whozthizphu: lol its only supposed to be your abilities not your items
    90:03 [All] Virot2: It would be a pretty terrible ult then, wouldn't it?
    90:29 [All] whozthizphu: its a deadly enough ult as is
    91:09 [All] Virot2: Not without refreshing items, it isn't
    91:25 [All] whozthizphu: no tping for you :)
    91:31 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: god 2:30
    91:46 [Allies] 3px_: you going to leave?
    91:50 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: no
    91:57 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: just god

    92:29 [All] whozthizphu: i can always kill that bitch :)
    92:32 [Allies] 3px_: i'll level him a bit
    92:37 [Allies] 3px_: when creeps pushj
    92:56 [All] whozthizphu: wow yellow 1-26 dont ever think ive seen anything worse
    93:45 [Allies] 3px_: watch it
    93:46 [Allies] 3px_: yellow
    93:50 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: kk
    94:02 [Allies] SemperDude: Yay, butterfly!
    94:18 [Allies] 3px_: phiz you got oj
    94:19 [Allies] 3px_: right

    96:36 [Allies] Virot2: I'll try charging right
    96:39 [Allies] 3px_: k

    97:49 [All] whitetigon: mean sniper
    97:52 [Allies] 3px_: fucking
    97:54 [Allies] 3px_: piece of shit
    98:04 [All] whozthizphu: :)
    98:08 [Allies] 3px_: did he refresh

    98:41 [All] whozthizphu: NICE

    99:44 [All] whitetigon: hahahahah
    99:51 [All] whitetigon: blue you make me laugh again
    99:58 [All] whitetigon: how much gold do you have
    100:05 [All] Virot2: 2.3 k
    100:22 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: get me item if you can
    100:45 [Allies] SemperDude: Gj!

    103:34 [All] fhssoccer6: Awwwwww
    103:49 [Allies] 3px_: ]crao
    103:49 [Allies] 3px_: crap
    103:49 [Allies] 3px_: i accdentially
    103:49 [All] Virot2: And now it is you that makes me laugh.
    103:51 [Allies] SemperDude: How are we in their base?

    104:22 [Allies] 3px_: healing

    105:08 [Allies] SemperDude: Darn, double teamed.
    105:16 [Allies] 3px_: going

    106:04 [Allies] TheMacqualizer: ed let me take bottom
    107:27 [Allies] 3px_: sorry eric
    107:33 [Allies] SemperDude: Eh. It's fine.
    108:14 [Allies] Virot2: two more raxes

    111:39 [Allies] SemperDude: Yay! Axe nearly has 3 hearts!
    111:47 [Allies] 3px_: even
    111:49 [Allies] 3px_: drow has a heart
    111:58 [Allies] SemperDude: Gyah!
    111:59 [Allies] Virot2: 2 more
    112:28 [Allies] SemperDude: 10 sec.
    112:58 [Allies] Virot2: gj
    112:58 [Allies] 3px_: heheh
    113:16 [Allies] Virot2: one more!
    113:26 [Allies] SemperDude: Go, go, go!
    113:28 [Allies] Virot2: We win!!
    113:33 [All] Virot2: Gg
    113:36 [Allies] SemperDude: Thank god!
    113:39 [All] Virot2: You almost had a chance.
    113:52 [All] Virot2: Darn, down to 6k
    113:59 [Allies] Virot2: Err, 7k
    114:02 [All] Virot2: Err, 7k
    114:04 [All] whozthizphu: not over blue
    114:26 [All] Virot2: Is over.
    114:30 [All] whitetigon: gg
    114:34 [All] Virot2: Gg
    114:35 [All] 3px_: gg
    114:37 [All] 3px_: whewh
    114:39 [All] 3px_: ty blue!
    114:40 [All] fhssoccer6: gg
    114:41 [All] whozthizphu: ouch lol gg
    114:41 [All] SemperDude: Gg.
    114:47 [All] Virot2: I thought you had us, lol.
    114:51 [All] TheMacqualizer: gg
    114:52 [All] whozthizphu: lol close
    114:52 [All] Virot2: Very gg.
    114:55 [All] 3px_: ya
    114:59 [All] whozthizphu: that tree is more then half way dead
    115:00 [All] Jay-One: very good game
    115:02 [All] 3px_: heh
    115:12 [Allies] SemperDude: I'll guard the tree now.
    115:13 [All] 3px_: well played, i must say
    115:17 [All] 3px_: 3 hearts on axe rofl
    115:21 [Allies] Virot2: I'll accelerate their defeat
    115:23 [All] 3px_: what a beast
    115:29 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    115:51 [All] whozthizphu: :) not over yet im back in 10 secs
    116:13 [All] 3px_: wow you heal too quick
    116:18 [All] fhssoccer6: GAH

    116:52 [Allies] Virot2: Our team is awesome.
    117:03 [Allies] 3px_: its really like a dysfunctional family
    117:05 [Allies] SemperDude: If you insist.
    117:05 [Allies] Virot2: put wards by tree
    117:28 [All] fhssoccer6: :(
    117:41 [Allies] SemperDude: Gj.
    117:45 [Allies] Virot2: you too

    118:18 [All] whitetigon: gg
    118:20 [All] Virot2: Gg
    118:22 [All] fhssoccer6: gg
    118:30 [All] fhssoccer6: very awesome
    118:45 [All] Virot2: Wow, I can't believe we won.
    118:51 [All] 3px_: lol
    118:53 [All] Jay-One: neither can i!
    118:54 [All] Jay-One: gg anyways
    118:55 [All] whozthizphu: damn brown
    118:55 [All] fhssoccer6: Neither can I
    118:57 [All] fhssoccer6: lol
    118:59 [All] Virot2: Yeah, gg.
    119:01 [All] SemperDude: Good game, everyone.
    119:01 Jay-One has left the game.
    119:01 whitetigon has left the game.
    119:01 fhssoccer6 has left the game.
    119:01 whozthizphu has left the game.
    119:01 TheMacqualizer has left the game.
    119:01 3px_ has left the game.
    119:01 SemperDude has left the game.
    119:03 Virot2 has left the game.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2012
  2. Se3ker

    Se3ker Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Nostalgia. :')
  3. WayPear

    WayPear Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Will watch it after few minutes and will comment ;d
  4. PonKa

    PonKa Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Says that i dont have the map even though I have the map in the folder etc.
  5. WinkieDuck

    WinkieDuck Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    is the map named: DotA Allstars v6.27b?
  6. Amethystium

    Amethystium Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Wow , gosu tinker really nice game.
  7. Xstorm999

    Xstorm999 Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    AHh... finally someone uploaded it .. i thought its old link didnt work?
  8. PonKa

    PonKa Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Yes,its the same error for all the other older replays.
    Can I watch it somewhere else? T.T
  9. jaie666

    jaie666 Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    if the famous WinkiDuck recommended it, this would be interesting
  10. BILBO

    BILBO Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Honestly, he's very weak player. All he got is good strat
  11. FeeDee

    FeeDee Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    i would say:
    1) lol at diffusal upgradable in manta
    2) lol ar radiance with chance evasion on bearer
    3) lol at 118:54 Trax said: gg
    4) lol at world tree... seems an huge piece of shit floating on air
  12. Kahno

    Kahno Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    One of the first replays that really made me go WOW :)
    Good times.
  13. jsrnn

    jsrnn Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Gonna watch this.
  14. Den163

    Den163 Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Old style play, different map) and lmfao chat log:

    89:36 [All] whozthizphu: omg thats a big BUG lol
    89:41 [All] Virot2: Bug? Lol.
    89:55 [All] whozthizphu: lol its only supposed to be your abilities not your items
    90:03 [All] Virot2: It would be a pretty terrible ult then, wouldn't it?
    90:29 [All] whozthizphu: its a deadly enough ult as is
    91:09 [All] Virot2: Not without refreshing items, it isn't
    91:25 [All] whozthizphu: no tping for you

    Very nice replay
  15. xanadiboi

    xanadiboi Active Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Really ? :O'
  16. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Check an entire path to the map, probably it should be put somewhere else.
  17. kiboboomber

    kiboboomber Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    it is one of the best replay i ever seen . when we got killed like ATM, and when the enemy pushing the base sooo hard . and when the allies are ATM too . it can still possible to win . thats very impresive replay .
    i can one lesson from this replay . that, bad frag of K/D/A is not very important . the very important think is that you can make your team win and have fun with them, and also, everything have chance to win . nothing impossibel in DotA . it is the most important think i got from here .
  18. Diogenes.

    Diogenes. Well-Known Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    You can put that think in a box and keep it for later consumption.
  19. LustForHatred

    LustForHatred Active Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    Yes! preserve the history! I watched this replay at least 10x before.
  20. Geodoude

    Geodoude Active Member

    Re: Famous Replay: Virot2's Impossible Tinker Vict

    That's a load of bull from a very sour person!

    What Winkie has not quite conveyed in his otherwise excellent description of this replay, is that no one had ever seen anyone play Tinker like this. It was a hero that had a strong early game, but no one had figured out how to unleash his late game potential, until Virot2 showed us in the most dramatic way possible.

    Everybody was blown away, as much for the impossible return from an apparently lost cause as by the way it was done. That was a very exciting time for this forum, when new strats would be found, showcased, and discussed with passion.