Exceedingly Rare Items in Chests

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by k3Ck, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. hydrosan

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    Here's what I got in my first chest ^^


    When killed by a strange weapon wielder, in this particular case, you are shown how many heroes that person has killed in their lifetime of wielding the weapon. The weapon will level up as more kills are attained, which results in a name-change.
  2. chrome9812

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  3. Sentry_ward

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    the item's name changes by the number of kills you make with it
  4. Mx_Paladin

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    I advise you guys not to open crates as the majority of loot is trash. Strange weapons are plentiful in TF2 and will soon be in Dota 2 and the chances for that exceedingly rare item is around 1%.

    Open crates only is your in the mood to gamble.

    Long term into the game the market will be oversaturated with items going for cheap.

  5. DMR_Chane

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    targething found: :facepalm:
    newfag spotted

    OT: I have no clue what so ever but I guess its a gamble bundle
  6. k3Ck

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    Anything in the store is not rare. I'm talking about chest only items like strange weapons and whatever else is in them.
  7. Hadgehog

    Hadgehog Well-Known Member

    Strange weapons with killcount, agh, all just like in TF2...
    Do those kills work on bots, or only real players?
    Anyway, this will lead to some awful farming, like forcing enemy team under fountain and killing them as long as possible just to 'lvl up' weapon :/
  8. Fydorian

    Fydorian Well-Known Member

    People do that already. I've never once seen a team in the position to fountain farm NOT do it.
  9. Bulabado

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    Do people always have to buy a key or do keys also drop from games?
  10. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    if it's like on TF2 then they don't drop
  11. Hadgehog

    Hadgehog Well-Known Member

    BTW, according to TF2 experience, opening crates is useless (unless they contain some sort of 'unusual hats' with special visual effects). As it is in TF2 now, most of items that are found in crates are worth less than a key for that crate if you trade with players instead.
  12. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    crates are for finding "strange" or other rare items
  13. ducks4thewin

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    +1 coz i have no clue :)
  14. k3Ck

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  15. zeroonthefloor

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    I got a Unusual Fearless Badger with Burning Animus. If it's the same as TF2 it'll be about 1% of uncrating an unusual item.
  16. Premixedpie

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