Evolution is real or fake?

Discussion in 'World News & Debates' started by Zenokin, Jan 9, 2012.

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    In more pressing news than bad analogies by religious people, I get the 600th post of this thread
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    I actually never thought of it this way. Makes a lot of sense.

    On that note, I have come to notice how much cuter I am than monkeys.
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    Actually, that's what you think. "Cuteness" is just another effect of evolution. You think the members of your own species are cuter than members of other species. There are some exceptions: Anthropomorphism and personification describe these exceptions.
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    You trump me every time. Lol
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    It's fake, Deal with it.
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    lolwut...sloths, pigs, cats and dogs are cuter than humans npnp
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    Ya I agree, the bible is just full of fairy tales, unlike evolution that's based on observable evidence and concrete science.
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    The only thing I can do here is quote your sig: How shallow-minded.

    Do you have any reasoning or evidence to support this preposterous proposition or are you just pulling out of your ass?
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    Don't forget ponies.
    Still, you cannot produce any offsprings by mating with pigs,cats,etc. so their cuteness is irrelevant to your evolution.
    It may be relevant because the predator(in this case, you) might allow or even help the prey to reproduce. This is artificial selection simply because we like to think we aren't part of nature.

    @Ali. You actually expect some kind of answer?

    GASHOLE Well-Known Member

    Denying Evolution is denying direct observation.
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    Evolution is fake.
    Nuff said.
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    u sure? was hoping to genetically produce catgirls T.T
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    Cuteness is the size of the eyes to face ratio.
    Babies tend to have large eyes relative to the size of their head/face, thus making them appear cute,
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    I know of inter-special breeding. Lion and Tiger were genetically bred, but the offspring can't recreate. And those are both in the cat family. So they are still very close. Breeding a cat and a human, no matter how appealing is not going to happen.
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    i am disapoint
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    no, those are not big eyes, those are just bulging out from his head.
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    Look. He is even smiling.
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    I can only hope nobody tries to argue that beholders arent cute, otherwise I will have to cast an eye on someone.