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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by eHome.sKy, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    Dear Playdota.com Community,
    can somebody may help me out? I get this error, when i try to start/run DotA 2 via Steam. Somebody has any idea how to fix it?

    i added the error message here @ Forum.

    Quick help would really relieve me :s

    with friendly greetings eHome.sKy
  2. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member


    Please buy some originality.
  3. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

  4. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    What u mean? :p

    ---------- Post added at 12:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:28 AM ----------

    I done that Guide already, still got error. :) Im not that a dumbass.
  5. dirtsoda

    dirtsoda Well-Known Member

    Your system does not meet the game's requirements (aka upgrade your PC).

  6. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    Guessing by that really old version of windows, your CPU is probably the problem.

    Unless you're using some theme for Win 7.
  7. Sly_theK1ng

    Sly_theK1ng Well-Known Member

    this belongs to technical support

    anyway on what OS u run it?
    have u ever run dota2 and that PC before?
  8. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 3
    DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
    Computername BIE
    Benutzername LanV

    CPU Typ AMD Athlon XP, 2000 MHz (12 x 167) 2400+
    Motherboard Name MSI KT4AV (MS-6712) (6 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DIMM, Audio)
    Motherboard Chipsatz VIA VT8377A Apollo KT400A
    Arbeitsspeicher 1536 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
    BIOS Typ AMI (05/16/03)
    Anschlüsse (COM und LPT) Kommunikationsanschluss (COM1)
    Anschlüsse (COM und LPT) Kommunikationsanschluss (COM2)
    Anschlüsse (COM und LPT) ECP-Druckeranschluss (LPT1)

    Grafikkarte RADEON 9250 (256 MB)
    Grafikkarte RADEON 9250 (256 MB)
    3D-Beschleuniger ATI Radeon 9250 (RV280)
    Monitor Plug und Play-Monitor [NoDB] (YE4N005318)

    Soundkarte VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller

    IDE Controller VIA Bus Master IDE Controller - 0571
    Festplatte WDC WD800JB-00JJC0 (74 GB, IDE)
    Optisches Laufwerk DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device
    Optisches Laufwerk HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B (16x/52x DVD-ROM)
    S.M.A.R.T. Festplatten-Status OK

    C: (NTFS) 55003 MB (10395 MB frei)
    D: (NTFS) 21304 MB (21143 MB frei)
    Speicherkapazität 74.5 GB (30.8 GB frei)

    Tastatur Standardtastatur (101/102 Tasten) oder Microsoft Natural Keyboard (PS/2)
    Maus HID-konforme Maus

    Netzwerkkarte TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter (

    Drucker Brother MFC-J265W Printer
    Drucker Brother PC-FAX v.2.1
    Drucker Online Poststelle - Briefversand
    Drucker Online Poststelle - Elektronische Rechnung
    Drucker Online Poststelle - Faxversand
    USB1 Controller VIA VT83C572 PCI-USB Controller
    USB1 Controller VIA VT83C572 PCI-USB Controller
    USB1 Controller VIA VT83C572 PCI-USB Controller
    USB2 Controller VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller
    USB-Geräte TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter
    USB-Geräte USB-HID (Human Interface Device)

    ---------- Post added at 12:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:35 AM ----------

    This is my Computer informations, what could be the problem? can you might help me?
  9. Jouten_X

    Jouten_X Well-Known Member

    The Radeon 9250 doesn't support DX9, as far as I know.

    The last Valve game to require at least a DX8.1 card was TF2. From L4D onward, it requires DX9.
  10. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

  11. Sly_theK1ng

    Sly_theK1ng Well-Known Member

    ur CPU is too low for dota2 but that shouldn't be problem in launching it

    btw try reinstalling dota2
  12. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    i reinstalled it already 2x times... and verify steam files, too.
  13. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    Man... i was kinda happy on getting a DotA 2 Beta Key... it worked on my friends PC, but since im home and trying to play on my own computer... its not working somehow.
  14. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    Can you tell me all Guides How to resolve this problem? Reinstalling already done, or perhaps a file in C:\Programme\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\bin missing?
  15. Jouten_X

    Jouten_X Well-Known Member

    If you've read the previous posts, you'd know that tweaking wouldn't fix your problem.

    An outdated CPU that doesn't support the required set of instructions, and a GPU that doesn't support the required shader level.

    Better gear up, pal.
  16. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    Giving my other DotA 2 BETA KEY to the one, who might know how to resolve this problem or what kind of programms are used to be needed to fix the problems. Because as far as i know many games need 3.5 Net Framework or C++ Visual Studio
  17. eHome.sKy

    eHome.sKy Member

    What kind of CPU is needed for this game, i might buy a new one tomorrow :) Can you at least tell me this?

    with friendly greetings
  18. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

    its not only the 3.5 net frame work, its also need many C++ redist version. and yeah try install some mb. But the main problem is still CPU, Try google more.
    CPU depend on your sack of money, i say go for intel core i for the best.
  19. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    You already have a topic about this in tech support, only create one thread and wait.
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