English Speech :D

Discussion in 'Fiction & Literature' started by Hex-, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hex-

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    Just a little speech i did in class. Enjoy, it might enlighten you :D

  2. PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1

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    A good issue...

    Trolls should see this... never mind, it won't work...
  3. Kriegskanzler

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    This text made me think Cyberbullying was a problem in the same grand scale as Global Warming.

    ... and it is what makes this text a very successful one. T-Up. :)
  4. I have read an article about cyber-bullying such as this.
  5. Hex-

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    Haha kewl =D
  6. BryonX

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    nice troll attempt hex :D
  7. Hex-

    Hex- Well-Known Member

    Haha, i trolled in the middle of my speech xD