Enchantress skill build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Bianca, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Bianca

    Bianca Well-Known Member

    What's the best skill build for her and why? I've seen few different ones max heal first, max slow, and max untouchable.
  2. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    Imo, it's Heal/Slow/Heal/Untouchable/Untouchable/Ulti/Heal/Heal.
  3. L-.Odie

    L-.Odie Well-Known Member

    It´s all up to personal preferance.

    jungle: slow and heal.
    solo: heal and untouchable.
  4. Bergman

    Bergman Well-Known Member

    Enchantress should mostly go jungle. Enchant/Heal/Heal/Enchant/Heal/Impetus/Heal/Max ench/etc.
  5. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Depends on laning and stuff

    Common builds are:
    Solo @ mid

  6. Mclane23

    Mclane23 Well-Known Member

    Even when on solo mid, i'd still take enchant instead of untouchable. Ganking side lanes will make you go through forrest camps and make perfect opportunity to take creeps, going for kill/push. It has imba range and very low manacost. Perhaps leaving it at 1 is an option but skipping it until midgame is a big no in any case.

    In terms of what you loose in untouchable is some laning power/harass resistance wich you already have thanks to the imba heal, good range and animation.
  7. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    jungle: enchant/2xheal/enchant/heal/spear/heal/2xenchant

    lane: heal/enchant/heal/enchant/heal/spear/heal/2xenchant

    i think untouchable ridicously sucks. its only good to tank incoming creep waves, reducing their attack speed to -400%. your enemies wont gank you with autoattack, and heal is far good to survive ganks
  8. NinoDoko

    NinoDoko Well-Known Member

    I don't see a reason why Ench should lane at all. And even if she does, getting a FB at level one is so easy with her, you should always aim for that.

    I generally max enchant and heal asap (getting impetus at level 6 of course) and then untouchable.

    Alternatively, getting one level of enchant for a FB attempt and then laning with untouchable / heal could work but I don't see why you wouldn't want to play her as a roamer.
  9. doomed2die

    doomed2die Well-Known Member

    I'm personally of the opinion that Untouchable should be ignored till midgame when autoattacking does something. Until then, your heal is more beneficial anyway, especially against barrages of nukes. And if your opponent is Doom Bringer, well, untouchable still ain't helping you.

    Since I ALWAYS jungle..
    2-Nature's Attendants
    4-Nature's Attendants
    5-Nature's Attendants/Enchant (if I'm REALLY owning and their lineup sucks, Enchant)
    7-Nature's Attendants/Enchant (same criteria applies)
    8-Enchant/Nature's Attendants
    9-Enchant/Nature's Attendants

    It works great for me. I'm a jungler, I jungle from 1. Since I always random, RoB+Courier and clairty. Tada! Jungling roamer/ganker!
  10. JerkCo

    JerkCo Well-Known Member

    untouchable is fucking retarded.
    you run around with 800hp...
    you'd worry more about the nukes instead of a couple of cheap shots.
    maxing it is fine, but i think slow/heal take dominance over untouchable in most cases.
  11. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Ever trade hits with people in the solo lane using it?
    Ever see how retarded it makes creep AI?

    That is why you use it.
  12. JerkCo

    JerkCo Well-Known Member

    why bother when you can simply heal it off.
    trade as many hits as you want. then simply laugh off the damage.
  13. Leadblast

    Leadblast Banned

    btw, Untouchable does not reduce raw IAS from items (e.g. Treads). Which is why you skill it in laning, when you are physically harassing your opponent with your normal attack, since doing that would effectively draw creep aggro, which is reduced by this skill.

    then again if your opponent is Doom, nothing is. Bar bearing a sizable portion of HP and Hood/Pipe, Doom pretty much rapes Ench everytime (no the heal won't be enough to help, even if you cast it before being Doomed).
  14. Judas_Priest_

    Judas_Priest_ Well-Known Member

    in early game i think about -enchant and heal ..
  15. Pwntlolz

    Pwntlolz Well-Known Member

    its like a 1k ehp bonus to ench, lets see doom kill through that
  16. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    What in the world?
  17. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    It does, but the more IAS a hero has, the effect of untouchable becomes more and more negligible when looking in terms of %reduction.

    So while he has misconceptions, his way of thinking will nonetheless land him at the right conclusion (that untouchable is the most effective early game and vs heroes who have low IAS in general).
  18. doomed2die

    doomed2die Well-Known Member

    I'm aware but leveling it then suffers your mid game so unless you're going up against a trilane drow huskar viper, I still see little reason to level it all that much.

    It will help unless you get lvl deathed and hit anyway and like I said, if you're doomed, you're screwed anyway. Untouchable is really a mid-late game skill IMO
  19. Croxist

    Croxist Well-Known Member

    Max enchant before Lv 10.
  20. Allance

    Allance Banned

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