[Enchanted Artifacts] Mask of Reverberator

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    Mask of Reverberator


    Bought From:


    A cranium mask that allows the user to catch even the tiniest of movement.​

    +12 Strength|+12 Strength
    +8 Agility|+12 Agility
    +12 Intelligence|+12 Intelligence
    +15 Attack damage|+15 Attack damage
    +10 Attack speed|+10 Attack speed
    75% mana regeneration|75% mana regeneration
    +5 armor|+5 armor
    Echo Strike (passive)|Resonance Strike (passive)
    N/A|Sonic Shot (passive)
    Armor Bonus (active)|Loud and Quiet (active)[/table]


    [​IMG]Echo Sabre - 2650
    [​IMG] Nathrezim Buckler - 800
    [​IMG] Boots of Elvenskin - 450
    [​IMG] Recipe - 600

    [​IMG] Total Cost - 4500
    Additional Information:

    Resonance Strike (passive - melee only)
    • Causes melee attacks to attack twice in quick succession. The double attacks applies a 1s 100% MS/AS slow on each attack.
    • Any bearer of Helm of Reverberator will attack with 20% more base damage on enemies with the debuff of Resonance Strike (including ranged users).
    • The second attack is a normal attack with simple 490 attack speed bonus.
    • Slow does not stack, only resets duration.
    • 5 cooldown.

    Sonic Shot (passive - ranged only)
    • Causes the next ranged attack to have 0 frontswing, 0 backswing, 3432 projectile speed, and 690 range. This attack slows the attacked enemy by 30% MS/60 AS for 1.5s.
    • Sonic Shot debuff grants True Strike for bearers of Helm of Reverberator when attacking the target (including melee users).
    • If the bearer has more than 690 range, Sonic Shot does not modify the range.
    • Does not affect the bearer's attack time.
    • 5s cooldown.

    Loud and Quiet (Active)
    • Upon activation, allows the bearer to hear sounds in Fog of War in 1600 radius, while mutes bearer's sounds from enemies. Also gives 2 armor for the whole duration.
    • Sounds made by allies will be reduced, while enemies' are amplified to noticeable degree.
    • Allies do not benefit from Reverb's sound effect. This is player-exclusive.
    • 8s duration, 25 mana, 25 seconds cooldown.
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    Re: [Enchanted Artifacts] Helm of Reverberator

    Nice overall idea.
    I however have concern about the necessity to build echo sabre for a ranged hero, even if the item is good without the double attack.
    "The double attacks applies a 1s 100% MS/AS slow on each attack."
    ^ This debuff applies when the second strike is landed?
    "Causes the next ranged attack to have 0 frontswing, 0 backswing"
    This is trong but the problem is that sometime you will attack when you don't really want, because it would be hard to control a 0 frontswing attack, if i'm not wrong.
    Loud and Quiet is very good, and fits very well with the item concept (attacking quickly).

    I think the problem is from Echo Sabre itself : not giving Double Attack even for ranged when in melee range.

    Also, about the theme, "Helm". We already have two in the game. I think you should find another word or another theme :)
  3. Lovefoxxx

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    Re: [Enchanted Artifacts] Helm of Reverberator

    You are suggesting an upgrade to the omnipotent Echo Sabre? :O
    No you didn't.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Re: [Enchanted Artifacts] Helm of Reverberator

    Well, I just change Helm to Mask :)

    About the necessity of building Echo Sabre on ranged heroes, I think that it is somehow within acceptable range. Sonic Shot is a powerful skill, as it allows ranged heroes to catch up with enemies with better reach, and the True Strike is decent. Having to buy Echo Sabre on ranged heroes is a good drawback, as you don't want Evasion to be countered more cheaply and effectively, right? Echo Sabre also fits as a component thematically (sound-echo).

    And yes, both attacks apply the slow debuff just like the current Echo Sabre.

    0s frontswing is impossible to cancel, but I don't think canceling the animation is really a big of an issue aside from lasthitting the tower at late game. 0s backswing helps a lot for closing in after applying the slow, as it removes the delay time completely.

    The true power of Resonance Strike/Sonic Shot comes from its ability to synergy with itself when wielding by both melee and ranged heroes. The extra damage from melee debuff boosts ranged damage, while the True Strike helps the melee damage out.

    Why not? It is not like Echo Sabre is powerful at late game, and my suggestion isn't even good for carries. It is preferred by gankers overall, and its late game's presence is the ability to scan enemies in a large area from Fog of War.