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    Swing house and electro-swing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Do we already have a thread about it?

    I sort of enjoy the combination. You should listen to it at night, with a glass of good whiskey (and a bad girl, if at hand).
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    Looooooovee it; haven't heard before, now that I have, thanks for this.

    Can't wait to get hi** and listen to the last song, repeat button rape.
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    awesome tunes, i smell a lot of deep house in some parts!
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    Damn. I'm hooked. I love swing and big band music, never been a big fan of house though. This definitely fuses the two in a way I find pleasing.
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    yay, there actually is a thread about electro swing on these forums... this equals with there being a god :p


    parov stellar is awesome, but theres more to it. listen and deem awesome! bcuz if not...

    ... ppl are gonna question your cultural integrity.

    nah just kiddin. but its great nontheless, and its still pretty goddamn new. and HOT.

    chinese man - ive got that tune

    caravan palace - we can dance

    kormac - scratch marchin'

    palov & mishkin - rude mamba

    free the robots - yoga fire

    just some examples. its not exactly mainstream so u gotta dig a bit if u wanna find more, but it more often than not is worth it.
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    wow this is good...
    downloading free the robots and parov stelar inb4 acta
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    SOunds promising, I'm almost sure I will listen to this for a long time, really thanks for sharing this, because I really ran out of ideas of what to listen to.
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    Parov Stelar has released his new album called "Princess", so you all know.
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    i like it, and im surprised i do.
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    i think gotye belongs in here...