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  1. nix

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    Just pointing out the irony in his post. I've seen it many times before -- people complaining about the how the game is less interesting after 40+ hours.
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    We call that looking for something "fun" in the game. I play oblivion(skyrim sucks so I just got back to oblivion, guards don't talk to me, they just go rambo like and kill me straight no, no more asking for fine or being put in jail, or was that just a bug?) for hours just searching for deers and wolves, trying to kill them with my bow. The game isn't fun as how some thought it would be, but we do find ways to go around it, and in the end, it's still not enough, so we look for other ways to have fun in the game again(like, you know, do quests or buy a house and decorate it with loots or kill a guard and run as fast as you can), until we've tried everything the game has to offer(even transgender sex quest mods if there is one in existence), and that's the point where we'll say "game sucks, imba imba, boring, flawed, buggy, lack in content, etc". Srsly gaiz, just because elder scroll games are "too" open ended does it mean that the game can offer you "EVERYTHING".

    Well, thank the modding community for that, they're doing their best to give things that they want in the game and share it with you guys, you know, like naked mods and cat ears.
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    run across a bug. Can't start the quest blood on ice. The wiki say it have something to do with starting dark brotherhood questline. Anyone have an idea how to trigger the quest? or maybe a code to force starting?

    PC version
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  5. Strange_Kid

    Strange_Kid Well-Known Member

    I know the cause is tova shatter-shield dead, but it say i wont be able to start the quest and there is no solutions. IIRC there is a code to finish a quest, are there any to start a quest?

    Also seems the solitude jarl is missing here. damn glitch.
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    since bethesda announced that the dawnguard dlc to be released in summer
    source: http://www.bethblog.com/2012/05/01/dawnguard/

    i thought i would give oblivion a try until then, since i never played it (skyrim was my first TES game)

    i bought oblivion (Goty) on steam yesterday with the shivering isles/knights of the nine

    is there anything that i should know before starting the game ?
    anything that i'm used to in skyrim that's different in oblivion ?
    should i play without the dlcs first ?
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  7. Dalailama

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    Well, there is a class system in oblivion, and once you choose a class, you basically have to only use your major skills if you want to be effective.
  8. Nicolback

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    Plus in Oblivion, you can fast travel to all other cities on the map, which are already located (but not the other locations though).

    And also, there are no dual casting and shit, you don't need to find Blessing Stones, and also it has a durability system (where your things break and shit).
  9. Captain Planet

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    ^Well...Oblivion is much more RPG than Skyrim. Oblivion is closer to the roots of the series (the roots of pretty much any true RPG is DnD) and Skyrim has lost numerous elements of full RPGs. I'm playing Oblivion for the first time now after having played almost 600 hours of Skyrim and you realise that the decisions you make with your characters really mean something. In Skyrim you can be pretty much the Master of Everything (like Thaddius Vent) whereas in Oblivion you have to choose a role (or create a custom one) at the start, which is how real the eponymous RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, works.

    I like both and both have different advantages and disadvantages. Skyrim's advantage is that it's more quickly immersive and you can spend more time playing and less time staticising. The disadvantage of this is that you have less overall scope to improve your character (because there are fewer things you can actually do beyond the perks you pick). In Oblivion there is far more you can do with regards to character stats and improvements (even though there are no perks) and everything FEELS like a proper RPG.

    I'm actually liking Oblivion almost as much as Skyrim, despite its (Oblivion's) well-known flaws but it's a different kettle 'o of fish to Skyrim. Imma leave you with the comment that the only thing better than playing a TES game is playing a TES game while listening to Blind Guardian (or playing Dota 2).
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  10. King-Garfu

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    Have any of you tried playing Morrowind? Comparably I think Morrowind had so much more depth compared to Oblivion and Skyrim combined.
  11. Valorian

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    Atmosphere wise - Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion
    Game mechanics - Skyrim -> Oblivion > Morrowind
    Gameplay - Skyrim > Morrowind > Oblivion
    Overall - Skyrim > Morrowind > Oblivion

    Skyrim is just a better game because it's better with AI and general stuff, but Morrowind is truly classic Elder Scrolls. Oblivion feels a lot like generic western RPG

    also, Skyrim is 33% off on Steam right now
  12. Plunkie.

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    For me Skyrim is the better Elder Scroll.
    Morrowind was good.
    Oblivion was for some reason confusing for me.
    Cause i remember being lost, never finding anything and i couldn't get a grip of it for some odd reason :s.
    Skyrim is beautiful, great story, awesome through and through.
    I will surely miss playing it when Diablo 3 comes out haha xD.
  13. King-Garfu

    King-Garfu Well-Known Member

    Also, content wise - Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim
    All the questlines are short and not as epic as they were in the two previous games. Not only that, there weren't that much quests in Skyrim to begin with, compared to Morrowind of course.

    Undoubtedly, Skyrim would definitely trump the others because of it's new engine and what not, but it didn't really bring that much to the table in terms of classic Elder Scrolls fun. It's like they dumbed it down A LOT.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed Skyrim, though no where as much as I enjoyed Morrowind.
  14. .nom

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    in oblivion world adjust to your level. Enemies you encounter and items you find depend on your level wherever you go... so don't rush main quest unless all you want to fight for 90% of the game are scamps
  15. nix

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    I only played about an hour of Oblivion (the tutorial). Skyrim is my first entry into the series, and unfortunately I think this means I can never truly appreciate Morrowind because it will feel dated. Or so I am told.
    Anyway, I loved Skyrim and exploring the world and history of Tamriel as a newcomer to the franchise.
  16. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    Anybody tried the sidequest of Sam in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun?

    Best quest IMO.
  17. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    I wanted to punch him in the face after that quest. I was severely pissed off that I couldn't put an arrow through Sanguine's face and watch him die.

    Every time I see Sam now I have this overwhelming urge to pull out my currently equipped weapon and butcher him (even though he's classified as essential :angry:)
  18. Strange_Kid

    Strange_Kid Well-Known Member

    lol on that quest I already married to ysolda. She seems doesn't care at all.
    Also persuasion save a lot of trouble.

    Btw I meet sam at markath. IIRC he can be on any bar at the nine hold.
  19. KamaSutra

    KamaSutra Well-Known Member

    a night to remember

    yeah that one was funny

    btw, it's not only in whiterun, Sam could spawn in any inn,
    for me it was in winterhold
  20. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    Oh, so Sam randomly spawns huh.

    Skyrim sometimes is too random :lol: