Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

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  1. GoD_Tyr

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    Rogues, they are naturally resistant to poisons and diseases and can breathe underwater. They make decent warriors as well (due to natural resistances which saves them from alot of trouble). Hell, I have seen plenty of Argonian mages in game as well!
  2. nix

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    Argonians start out as great thieves, but their active ability makes them incredibly tanky.
  3. Plunkie.

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  4. Nicolback

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    Just got my Skyrim copy (too late I know) but anyways I started out as a Redguard which I mainly focus on melee stuff. Though I dunno which should I choose between Light and Heavy armor/weapons.
  5. Glac1al

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    I'd say light if you think you'll be more into stealth, heavy if barge in.

    In my first play I was running somewhat ranger-battle-mage which in the end was quite squishy even with HP level ups.
  6. Melderv

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    Wow that was a great vid.

    I keep modding these games with realistic lighting. I did play through the game once without any mods so adding stuff just adds a ton of replayability.

    Can't believe AMD's integrated Radeon HD Graphics at 512MB DDR3 can handle it, though.
  7. Nicolback

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    Tried to be a High Elf mage with a lot of points in destruction while still considering other options such as restoration and alteration.

    Hmm, maybe getting it all is not too bad.
  8. Glac1al

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    ^I thought of trying something like that, conjuration makes it less complicated as well I guess and I'm thinking about skipping this tree.
  9. Dalailama

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    Well, right now I am doing a dual wield/alteration/restoration/illusion with no armor... I'll see how this works out on expert, I don't think I can even enjoy it if I die every 20 seconds on master. Also, getting NO health on lvlup.
  10. Nicolback

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    Seriously, the random monster spawns when you fast travel are hilarious and surprising. Once I traveled, I saw a dragon and a giant. Another time I saw another dragon flying directly overhead.

    When traveling, the matchups you find are really funny. Bandits versus dragons, and also frost trolls versus soldiers.

    This game is awesome.
  11. Glac1al

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    I pokerface when there are dragons out of fucking nowhere, I mean their corpses.
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    The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim is a steaky thread in playdota forums :D
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    So did anyone do the 'secret quest' in the college of winterhold ?
    a quest puzzle that doesn't even appear in your journal.

    warning ! big spoiler ahead

    there's a hand somewhere in the midden,
    and a book somewhere near it

    you need to find rings (the book will help you with it), and put them on the hand,
    then a dremora appears that can point you to a treasure
    it's like a small puzzle, it was fun tho.
  15. Melderv

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    ^ I'd like to but it just seems so vague to me. I wouldn't use a guide for Skyrim any day though.
  16. KamaSutra

    KamaSutra Well-Known Member

    i did it without a guide tbh
    it's not that hard
  17. Lithary

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    Yet another reason why I dislike Skyrim; so many design flaws.

    I didn't touch Skyrim for about two months because game has more flaws Swiss cheese has holes and is boring (this is mostly because this is not a game, but a toy).
    But yeah, I know everyone will defend it because it's pretty. >_>
    Only reason why I'm glad I bought this game is because of CK.
    Still, as release date of Diablo 3 is getting closer (a much better RPG with much better Collector's Edition which is actually worth buying, unlike Skyrim's), I think that even CK will join Skyrim.
  18. nix

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    I know right?
    Tanky thief? Design flaw.

    I also bought it, played it for 200 hours, then got bored with it. What a terrible game.
  19. BattledOne

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    Nix we get it. You're a scroll fetish kind of guy but stop trying to change our view of this fetish.
  20. Nicolback

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    When I was playing this, a body of a character I'm following during a rebellion, randomly spawned in front of me, and happened again another time.

    Shit is too random, especially seeing a fucking dragon fight a fucking mudcrab.