Earth Spirit Build

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  1. Mr_Cuddles

    Mr_Cuddles Well-Known Member

    Items for this guy i has no clue

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    If Anyone has any ideas please post!
  2. Drakthul

    Drakthul Well-Known Member

    Just played him once, Urn is one of the best choice for him IMO.
  3. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    Vanguard Battlefury Treads

    ILLUSTRIKE Well-Known Member

    Divine Rapier!
  5. Drakthul

    Drakthul Well-Known Member

    Is he really a carry?

    Based on my observations, he don't have any potential to be a carry, well, maybe some, but I don't really think he can be a one.
  6. Mr_Cuddles

    Mr_Cuddles Well-Known Member

    Earth Spirit Builds

    Skill build/item builds for earth panda?
  7. Uncle_Zhuge

    Uncle_Zhuge Well-Known Member

    Re: Earth Spirit Builds

    Magic Wand
    Bottle (If you got mid)
    Phase Boots
    Shadow Blade
    BKB (If you are getting owned or the match is close)
    Daedalus or Dagon 5 (If you are starting to own)

    Same goes for that Nerif.
  8. John_Lithgow

    John_Lithgow Well-Known Member

    Tinyesque hero.
    Drums, Any Boots, Meddalion/Urn, Vlads, Abysal / Halberd
  9. Qu4nTumPcX

    Qu4nTumPcX Well-Known Member

    Force staff, blinkin' dagga'...
  10. Uncle_Zhuge

    Uncle_Zhuge Well-Known Member

    Magic Wand
    Bottle (If you got mid)
    Phase Boots
    Shadow Blade
    BKB (If you are getting owned or the match is very close between both sides)
    Daedalus or Dagon 5 (If you are starting to own)

    Same goes for that Nerif.
  11. tatumetal

    tatumetal New Member

    Energy boots, drums, mekans/bkb and dagger... I don't know... pull a friend and heal him, push an enemy... put rock on the ground, blink behind an enemy (don't need to be that precise the range for stunnig is good enough), pull the rock stunning, ultimate, rock on ground, rock on ground, rock on ground... while in Avatar... never going to captain mode but seems fun....

  12. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    He really needs very little in items. His job is to set up kills and gank. Urn, Phase, maybe BKB.
  13. Mr_Cuddles

    Mr_Cuddles Well-Known Member

    Skill builds? Maxing roll seems best to me
  14. Evic

    Evic Member

    blink is core, bkb (preferably linkens for the reg) blink in force enemy out. place rock into your mates direction where you pushed enemy. roll to it over rock. gg. his job is supporting, setting up kills and he has high utulity with his pull. when youre rolled to enemy and hes slowed 80% either pull a melee mate (naix opr whatever) to you. enemy gets stunned and gg. his ultimate is really useless. well its can be >36silence in theory but srsly good enemys wont be hitted by rocks so easily.
    synergy: ds/tiny (-wtf mode pingpong with tiny toss and u push xD xDDD)
  15. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    Phase? U have boulder bro.

    About Earth spirt he have silence,slow,and stun,he just needs mana and kill them all.
  16. slence

    slence Well-Known Member

    He doesnt item dependant, he need more survivability so tanking item/ hitpoint mana boost is good choice.

    Urn, drum, thread/phase, pipe, dagger, bkb, taras, linken. Dagger rush is pretty funny for smash and roll combo.
  17. Mr_Cuddles

    Mr_Cuddles Well-Known Member

    His ulti is really good if you can keep smashing those rocks therefore the bkb is essential blademail works great too. Kind of a tank/support who has great ganking capablities I don't see any carry potential abyssal is a waste whoever said that
  18. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    And when you want to move through a creep wave to attack the druid, rolling 800 range is totally the best option...
  19. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    Roll Distance: 800 (+100% when utilizing a
    Rock, 1600)
    Manacost: 50
    Cooldown: 16/12/8/4

  20. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    Just tank up and get some utility stuff - kinda like Clockwerk / Dark Seer.

    Arcane/Phase/Power Treads
    Urn / Drums / Meka / Pipe / Vanguard
    (Force / Dagger / BKB / Blade Mail)
    Heart / Heavens Halbert / Shivas
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