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  1. acosta

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    This is gona take around 10 min, so sit down and breath.
    Here we go:

    So, you started a pub, another one after some terrible games with lots of flammers, leavers and feeders.
    In the chat you already understand that the players are not retarded, they look like experienced players and have a good talk until the host finish checking ping and reducing delay/tunneling.

    The game start and the first thing u can read:GL HF. (I hope so) u think.

    You write: -random in the -apso game, after several games think what hero you want is just so hard. :cool1:

    You randomed earthshaker and one of your teammates randomed chen.
    Surprise!, he dont says: swap or repick, instead he buys a chiken and shares it with the team.

    you go top lane with some tangoes clarity`s and some extra stats.
    Another surprise!, ur lanemate, POTM, results to be a skilled player, at 5 min you managed to get FB with a very good arrow. The game continues, after 10 min the scoreboard is 13/15, very close to each other, you and ur team know that if you and your team dont push fast enought the games is lost, the have a stronger late game set, and them dont look stupid enought to fail, this pimp you up and made you focus on the game, this isn´t another stupid pub, this games is full of good players and that makes you want to win it.

    After ganking naga siren, their main carry that at 20 min have already finished manta, you proced to push, 5v4 in advantage, now or never, sadly, U dont have dagger due to the ganks in your lane that made you back, but you are there ready to help. But it goes wrong, leviathan releases his ulty and a invi rune brood appers from the back, your team try to diseable them but silencer releases his ultimate and now you are in panic, you fail ur fisure trying to stop brood who already had a bkb but no one had noticed it.

    And last naga siren appears after the respawn time and kills sven, your last hero alive.

    After that you feel bad, that was not supossed to happen.
    Now they are pushing and the gold that they got from the last push made them even more strong.

    Witch doctor revives and fastly goes mid lane trying to stop the push, but failed, they saw him and proceded to chase him like a dog, ur team came there trying to help, but not much to be done, brood slows sven that cant stun BKBed brood and naga ilus are raping the whole team, they try to scape and are close enought to do it.

    Naga uses ulty, mirana and Witch doctor fall asleep, they proced to come close enought to them, Brood brings her spiderlings and try to block them for when they wake up.

    Something heaths is you, you did not come to def because you was waiting 20 seconds in base to get gold enough for your dagger.

    DAGGER + C

    A yellow flash fulls the screen, some godblessed waves come of anywhere, destroying damaging, killing,burning everything, a lighing yellow power that gave you a ultrakill, A fucking miracle covered in bull skin, sven proceds to lasthit naga siren that try to scape with 200 hp.

    My first f$&ng climax playing dota.

    Now do nothing, waiting at chat, in 3 seconds messages of your team mantes
    made you think how fucking awesome you are, by that time pitlord was alive, and proced to teleport you, mirana and sven to both lane where creeps where near to last tower, in 45 seconds we managed to take down tower rax and up tower and destroy up melee rax.

    With that and some split push we managed to win the game.
    Just wana share this :mellow:
  2. 1337_n00b

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    You brought a tear to my eye.
    I have NEVER got a game like this.
  3. ^^DragonFist^^

    ^^DragonFist^^ Well-Known Member

    I shed a tear..

    What a beautiful and cool... story.. br- gah! I cannot go through with the meme!

    Impressive story, soldier!
  4. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned


    If only.

    If only more pubs were like this.
  5. wd.Ripper

    wd.Ripper Well-Known Member

    Nice story :x .

    I'd rather lose a game like this, than win another pubstomp.
  6. Gtrewq

    Gtrewq Well-Known Member

    Riveting tale, chap. My congratulation. :rambo:

    Edit: also, replay is needed.
  7. Ripouli

    Ripouli Well-Known Member

    nice one :)
  8. The Berserker

    The Berserker Well-Known Member

    God, that's some tale. :)

    This is the first time I've read something so worthwhile, something you can cherish. If only there was a replay to view the awesomeness of those pub players...
  9. Nerevarie

    Nerevarie Banned

    my posts are über bugged lol.

    cool story bro.
  10. WickeDD

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    Ive never had a dota game that was so good.
    Ive had a better hon game tho.The pubs over there are much less retarded (atleast in the 1700 bracket).
  11. mfs_313

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    Replay or it was just a fantasy like you have of having sex with Megan fox.
  12. .buko

    .buko Well-Known Member

    replay or didnt happen.

    lol joke i thought it was somekind of sex-based story cause of the title :)
  13. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    THAT is the reason we all play DotA, we go through hundreds and hundreds of games hoping we can get such a game. Personally I've been there a few times~

    But Grats man -^_^-
  14. theNoobie

    theNoobie Well-Known Member

    Your title is very misleading

    Cool story brah
  15. Denki

    Denki Banned

    replay or it didn't happen
  16. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    once i owned as balanar.

    my dad asked me to buy drinks outside

    when i returned we lost.

    friend ranted at me, said why did i left.

    never realized 80% of everything was done by me.
  17. plzonlygame

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    Replay plox :p
  18. Ichigo

    Ichigo Well-Known Member

    uhhh ok
  19. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    Great title. Ok story. We need more of them.
  20. 1337_n00b

    1337_n00b Well-Known Member

    I know why is this thread's name like this.

    OP had an orgasm, apparently.