Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by kit333, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. kit333

    kit333 Well-Known Member

    is anyone here previously from dotaportal dot com
    i rembr i was very active there for a long time... big rivals with, though now it's shut down...

    it had a big following around these parts (South East Asia)....

    and a legendary chat forum with a subsection called the "Beastiary..."

    anyone who came from there do drop a msg!!!!:cool1:
  2. MrhCow

    MrhCow Well-Known Member

    beastiary is a section for 18+ stuffs
    I'm from DP btw
  3. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    I'm from DP. It is now FN, FanaticNetworks or something.
  4. cairnebloodhoof

    cairnebloodhoof Well-Known Member

    from DP, didn't continue with fanaticnetworks.

    was the best forum, had trolls, but they weren't try-hard and they were funny, and actually had discussions without being elitists
  5. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    ^And the Bestiary was awesome!
  6. kit333

    kit333 Well-Known Member

    wow.... lol they continued in another domain???

    i honestly didn't know LOL....

    but they did have a very strict policy against trolls so there wasn't alot of them....

  7. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    I was there, using my brother's account, which is called reyesryanmjaube.
  8. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    First time hearing of it.
  9. FaenT

    FaenT Well-Known Member

    Ah dotaportal . . . I remember lurking there, never got around to making an account though
  10. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    Beastiary......oh the memories, I posted an almost nip slip of the girl in harry potter. :D
  11. whifrA

    whifrA Well-Known Member

    What do you mean with big rivals with DA. Maybe people from DP thought so, lewl.
  12. Fwizz

    Fwizz Well-Known Member

    Before I thought dotaportal was the official dota website.

    I was just lurker back then. (Bestiary)
  13. Louie!

    Louie! Banned

    Lurked there
  14. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    The shoutbox too.
  15. K a z e

    K a z e Well-Known Member

    I use to mod there.

    Then again I use to mod here too before it became playdota (
  16. мusịĸ

    мusịĸ Well-Known Member

    Keep it PG, man.
  17. ClutchBear

    ClutchBear Well-Known Member

    open so slow。。。
  18. Chammer

    Chammer Well-Known Member

    good site, posted airplane wallpapers and ascii hitlers on it all the time