DotA2 Saber mod

Discussion in 'Anime & Manga Discussion' started by snow.pika, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. snow.pika

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  2. Mr. Foxxie

    Mr. Foxxie Well-Known Member

    Saber with Juggernaut's voice.

    Not sure if want.
  3. Senjougahara

    Senjougahara Moderator

    You obviously didn't watch the vid.
  4. nryn

    nryn Well-Known Member

    dota 2 Fate 7 person free for all.

    If valve allows dota 2 mods everything will be better.
    however cosmetics might go down though.
  5. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Why Saber has "Nine Lives" when it belongs to Berserker? :3
  6. CvP

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  7. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    lol @ CvP squealing.
  8. CvP

    CvP Forum Manager

    someone please upload it here?
    download is extremely slow and breaking up. :(
  9. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    YT account: TengPD
  10. Green_Sliche

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    You made CvP jizz his pants.
  11. teng)

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  12. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Someone turn that in to a Xbox achievement
  13. snow.pika

    snow.pika Well-Known Member

    There's a mediafire link! You're welcome :)
  14. Ryvian

    Ryvian Well-Known Member

    You're Famous!

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Somebody please make Akemi Homura to replace Sniper :'(((
  16. Nuuby

    Nuuby Well-Known Member

    As much as I would love having every anime character of every anime and perhaps game that I've played in my dota games, no. A map to themselves yes.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Just a custom map. Why so serious?
  18. Quiesce

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  19. Rakkis157

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  20. SilverRathalos

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    Where do you get this?!