DOTA2 logo by FlaMe

Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by FlaMe, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. wrftw

    wrftw Member

    i think your 3d renders are nice. but postworks bring them down. you said you didnt waste much time soo i wont be able to give some good comment on this since i dont know your skills :)
  2. Nutsy

    Nutsy Well-Known Member

    Nice one!
  3. EaGlesHorn

    EaGlesHorn New Member

    LooK Very nice !!
  4. lunakuji

    lunakuji Member

    its awesome! i am waiting your wallpaper version :D
  5. Croxist

    Croxist Well-Known Member

  6. BlizzCast

    BlizzCast Well-Known Member

    Looks great :)
  7. mitz15

    mitz15 Well-Known Member

    what software do you use ? cool logo btw
  8. reinnier_geeboy

    reinnier_geeboy Well-Known Member

    hi bro- can you share your dota 2 logo file- will try and use it for school project- will need the actual file to be used on my 3ds max 2012- thank you in advance :)
  9. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    You know could just have sent him a formal PM.
  10. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Would make for a neat load screen with a little animation for custom gamez.
  11. Looks Awesome!