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Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by FlaMe, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    So I thought hey why not make a custom DOTA2 logo for fun and I made it. That's one advantage of knowing a 3D software :D


    Here is the software print screen:


    There is no watermark but please do not use it anywhere without consent thx.

    Again I repeat, this is completely made by ME from scratch and this has NO association whatsoever with Valve or the official DOTA2 logo. Purely FAN MADE.
  2. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    One more treat for ya'll. This time with IceFrog on it:


    Plain version:

  3. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    3dsmax? or is it c4d ? Can't recal the software. But wai blue and nog green :(?

    All in all looks pretty coo.
  4. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    3DS Max. Just take it in PS and adjust hue and saturation to make it green :)
  5. 0verp0wer_BR

    0verp0wer_BR Well-Known Member

    The fissure in the mid... It's too straight on the top.

    I mean, the whole thing is an irregular stone, but the front of it is plain like metal?
  6. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    This. You should rework the depth.
  7. Balcas

    Balcas Well-Known Member

    Looks darn awesome.
  8. magzu

    magzu Well-Known Member

    It looks fine

    but it isnt really defined as an symbol ... unless you wanted to make it look like some stuff from pyramids xD
  9. Sultry Nun

    Sultry Nun Well-Known Member

  10. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    im not sure about this. it looks good at first glance, but the indents are not really that obvious.... not sure if you want it that subtle or not.
  11. Replicater

    Replicater Well-Known Member

    nice work FlaMe
  12. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Mighty fine effort there. Looks very good :thumbup:
  13. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    This was a 20 minute job in my free time. I did not then and still have no intention to perfect it as it wasn't supposed to serve any purpose. Besides that thanks to all, but just to tell perfectly displacing a mesh to hyper-realism isn't as easy as you might think ;)

    But i'll try to keep your points in mind next time anyways :)
  14. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    ^Were it a bigger image, it probably be my desktop wallpaper right now :)
  15. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    Yea too bad it never struck me that I could render it out in bigger size(s) and upload on here as wallpaper for whoever wants to use it but like I said I did it in somewhat haste time.

    You can still use it as however you want(modified or not) as long as it stays on
  16. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Awesome. Nice :)
  17. Bardenne

    Bardenne Well-Known Member

    It looks nice but there are some flaws on it.

    The first one is that its too smoothed, it barely resembles a rock or solid object all the edges are too smooth and the only thing making it look like a rock or something is the texture.

    You can try working at a lower polygon smoothing and add hard edges and deformations on key points, try checking how a real rock looks like and you get the idea.

    The other thing are the indents, they arent obvious enough, they are there but the texture and their depth are hard to notice, so you can make a custom texture that revolves aroud them adding contrast to those points making it look a lot more like the dota 2 logo and work on the geometry adding a bit more of depth and hard edges even some cracks here and there enhancing the look of it and creating more focal points.

    Adding some more intense ligthing and bump maps can also help increase the realism of it.

    Ok thats it, there goes my critic.

    Hope you like it, and keep on working :)!
  18. hhumas

    hhumas Well-Known Member

    its beautiful...................
  19. Adyalauder

    Adyalauder Well-Known Member

    Looks Awesomeee.
  20. Saini0902

    Saini0902 Well-Known Member

    can u make a wallpaper version for that? :D
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