Dota2 is going to be free to play

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Floryda, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    the highly detailed models can easily to be 'skinned up' differently for people who want to pay. tbh if valve can get $1 from half the dota population, they would be counting money laughing like nintendo's wii.
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  2. Sonic

    Sonic Well-Known Member

    I wish Dota 2 be a closed Beta till 2018
  3. FF_MikeRoch

    FF_MikeRoch Well-Known Member

    Soooo... does that mean i have to buy the game?
  4. FoxCharge

    FoxCharge Well-Known Member

    All the cosmetic items are geared to ensure the hero is easily recognizable. Notice that all of the Jugg/Furion items revealed so far stay within the character's color scheme, and none of them are so over-the-top that the hero's shape would look drastically different.

    Keep in mind that all cosmetic items will be processed through the Steam Workshop. The SW guidelines are really strict, and only a small fraction of items submitted are actually let into the game. Of particular note, in TF2's case:

    "TF's characters have distinctive silhouettes that help a player differentiate between classes in the heat of battle. Consequently, we tend to avoid items that overtly obscure or confuse these silhouettes."

    There are also tons of general color/design requirements in the above link. Anyone who is convinced that the cosmetic items will ruin gameplay by drastically altering hero appearance should take a long, hard look at the guidelines above. Valve isn't retarded. They're not going to make the cosmetic items so distracting that they impact the gameplay, so calm your tits.

    Anyone who has ever seen a competitive TF2 match knows that cosmetic items are disabled anyway, ffs. The same will apply for Dota 2, you're not going to see Furion with different antlers at this year's International, not that different antlers would keep ANYONE from being able to easily pick him out.

    Seriously, if you see Jugg carrying an alternate sword and can't tell who he is, you...
    A) are not at all familiar with the heroes and need to spend more time in Dota 2,
    B) need to put on some glasses, and/or
    C) have a cognitive handicap and should probably not be concerning yourself with becoming good at Dota.

    Besides, the Orca Tidehunter skin is totally badass. I love that it also changes the hero portrait (which is probably why Valve decided to process the portrait in-engine instead of creating an alternate model like SC2 portraits). He still retains his silhouette and general appearance, though, and I would have absolutely no confusion about which hero just blinked in.
  5. smajlone

    smajlone Well-Known Member

    Not bad!
  6. ristosr

    ristosr Well-Known Member

    This is fake.. even CS:GO keys when activated says Retail but it will be paid for sure.

    Fake news!
  7. zeruuwind

    zeruuwind Well-Known Member

    There's no even remotely possibility of paid heroes.
  8. Claire Farron

    Claire Farron Banned

    Nah. I have thought in my mind that Valve will make Dota 2 as a free-to-run game but players are required to buy point to buy the Dota 2 heroes(once bought, the hero will remain for that Steam account only).
    Other word, you can run it for free.
    However, if you want to play it with hero, you will need to use your cash to buy the hero.
    This is the best idea I think, to reduce the game cost, reduce the number of leavers/spoilers, and most important Valve can earn more when new hero is going to be released because most players will tend to spend money to get the new hero into their account.
  9. TheRealCreator

    TheRealCreator Well-Known Member

    nice 1st post

  10. Claire Farron

    Claire Farron Banned

    It is 100% fake! Valve is not that stupid to run that big Dota 2 project without any good strategy to gain more profits back when it is releases. I am pretty sure they have many hidden strategies where only most of the good businessmen are able to see. Players like us(I admit it) only know to play the game but the developer actually got their strategies to slowly earn or eat our money.
    I believe most of you already experienced it or saw a lot of MMORPG players are selling their accounts after played for months/years.
  11. doctorwoot

    doctorwoot Well-Known Member

    Selling heroes would gimp the game strategy. Look at LoL, people "main" heroes rather than learn to play them all equally and build a good team comp. That's rather problematic if you want the game to be competitive.
  12. AlbinoBunny

    AlbinoBunny Well-Known Member

    Yay, another place to talk about free to play models. Because I haven't done this before :facepalm:

    Anyways, people wondering about extreme punishments for bans, it's a valve game, on steam, it will be VAC protected, which means that valve DO have the option of VAC banning the steam account which prevents the use of online games on that steam account, ANY GAME. IE, average people wont troll because it'll cost them the game library, wont stop dedicated trolls from making new accounts and so on but at least there's that punishment in place as possibility (though, I honestly doubt they'll use it considering what I see in League regarding 'OMG HE MADE MISTAKE REPORT HIM')

    Unlocking characters slowly like any slow unlock content system is a good free to play model. I'd be willing to bet that valve would love to go with it to because it certainly brings in a good chunk of cash but there's two factors stopping it being likely:

    1) DOTA1 exists, doesn't matter if people don't want to actually play it (like me, I don't like playing it) if they can point to it and go 'why am I unlocking/buying heroes if this exists' it'll undermine any attempts to charge for heroes.

    2) it's a big thing up on League to allow anyone to have all the heroes, gives a big incentive for League players to switch over to DOTA2 or at least try it. If you don't think that Valve aren't eyeing up that tasty top of the genre money then your sorely mistaken.

    Frankly I actually have to say this: I like having champions limited for lower skilled players, it encourages repeated playing, allowing players to get comftable with one hero and as a result start to learn aspects of the game as a whole rather than worrying about playing their character correctly.

    And regarding people saying that competitive play would be undermined by this :rofl:

    Seriously, any 'competitive' player (or someone who at least thought of themselves as such) would likley by whatever packages (and I'll bet my left nut there WILL be launch packages if it's F2P) that contain game content and it'd become a non factor. Complaining that a game requires a money investment before you can compete is like saying you should be able to play competitive CS on a crappy internet connection, lovely in theory but not gonna happen.
  13. Trock

    Trock Well-Known Member

    never sell heroes out! fck that game if this is the case! cosmetics ok heroes no!
  14. WaIkingDisaster

    WaIkingDisaster New Member

    So did they announced release date yet?
  15. amaterv

    amaterv Member


    this happen to me sometimes more than 3 times
    let we say i got around 200 wins then i go MM

    dyou know what 1 got

    i got 4 player with 0-50 wins and dunno who they are
    and the opponent is 5 player party with around 200 wins

    and the result is 99% same with my prediction when seeing what heroes that they pick

    if u want a challenge to play with some trolls, tard, wood PC and bad connection
    u can find them at midday on sunday, prepare ur self or u'll be mad
  16. TheDarkWolf

    TheDarkWolf Well-Known Member

    I hope.
  17. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

  18. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    Who the fuck necroed this?

    Btw, this thread should be closed. Because everyone must know this by now and it was derailed.
  19. permafrosty

    permafrosty Well-Known Member

    yea. Guess we better take advantage of the current "better pubs" while we can :rambo: Hopefully after it goes f2p i won't have idiots going gloves of haste on their first item.
  20. JohnAsmar

    JohnAsmar Well-Known Member

    OMG! YES!
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