Dota2 blurry since last update?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Kasma, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Kasma

    Kasma Banned

    Anyone else having this problem? It's all blurry and wierd looking after the recent update.
  2. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    It's a common problem when you ingest alcohol before playing DotA. The solution? More alcohol.
  3. Yatterwan

    Yatterwan Well-Known Member

    There should be a slider in your video options, turn it up to 100% and it removes the blur.

    edit: It's called "Render Quality"
  4. Yendor

    Yendor Moderator

    This was one of the patches that rever your graphics settings to medium. If you are used to play on high, it might seem strange to you. As suggested by yatterwan, just set them up to high again.
  5. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member

    Tested and confirmed: set the Render level setting to maximum and the problem will be gone.
  6. Kasma

    Kasma Banned

    didn't work. Still looks blurry.
  7. Kasma

    Kasma Banned

    I take that back, everytime I set the render quality bar to 100% it always goes back down to like 80% at the start of the next game.
  8. Yendor

    Yendor Moderator

    Stupid question, but did you click on "apply"?
  9. Kasma

    Kasma Banned

    ya. It will go up to 100% then I'll start up a game, the game looks blurry again so I go into the settings and low and behold, it's down to around 80% again.
  10. Yendor

    Yendor Moderator

    Hmm... try to start the game and then (still ingame) change the settings.
    I'm just guessing, I don't have any clue whatsoever, as this never happened to me.
  11. takingyouroil

    takingyouroil Well-Known Member

    Also invoker is missing his head and some of his fancy finery...
  12. StraY_WolF

    StraY_WolF Well-Known Member

    set as default. If all else fail, restart steam.
  13. Gillyweeds

    Gillyweeds Well-Known Member

    It did this to me too. I would move render quality up to 100% and by the time I exited the options to go back in game, it would move back down to 80%. It eventually stopped on its own but idk why. It just took some repetition.
  14. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    You have to restart DotA 2 if you change the advanced settings.

    There is a big white note in the menu saying that.
  15. Orichalcum

    Orichalcum Well-Known Member

    isn't your resolution too low?

    when you don't use the monitor's "default" resolution, it tends to blur the display, due to all the stretching.
  16. Yatterwan

    Yatterwan Well-Known Member

    No, the blur is based on the render quality in his situation.
  17. angrymark

    angrymark Active Member

    1. Render Quality
    2. Aspect Ratio
    3. Resolution
    4. Texture Quality
    5. Anti-aliasing
  18. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    So the blur applies itself based on my PC specs? Or my PC performance?
    This problem accoured to me today, when i tried to steam dota 2. Before the stream, the game did not have any blur, but once i started steaming, it got really blurry.
  19. ithoran

    ithoran Well-Known Member

    If you can't see some textures (the heroes are purple etc) than go to library - right click on dota 2 - properties - local files - verify integrity of local game cache.

    It will finish and if files are missing (probably) it will redownload them.
  20. Gillyweeds

    Gillyweeds Well-Known Member

    No, there isn't. The only setting that requires you to restart DotA 2 with respect to advanced settings is ambient creatures. If you look closer, only the settings with the symbol "*" require the reset.

    It's not your computer, it's DotA 2. When you start streaming, check your render quality. For some reason, it keeps resetting to 80% for quite a few people.