Dota Vs LoL Vs HoN

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by mysfire666, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. mysfire666

    mysfire666 Banned

    Ive been playing dota for ages now and i wasted to try these new games out, can anyone give me the pros and cons to both LoL and HoN over DotA?
    Ps, i dont care if DotA was first. Just want to see what they are like.
  2. DemonSpade

    DemonSpade Well-Known Member

    hon-flashy graphics money engine
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  3. BooBoox3

    BooBoox3 Well-Known Member

    icefrog > LoL+HoN

    Edit: oops typo.
  4. Nivo

    Nivo Well-Known Member

    Play DotA only. Rest of them never gonna be better.
  5. -IncoGnitO

    -IncoGnitO Well-Known Member

    LoL i could say is noob-friendly not many mechs easier gameplay and not so good graphics either.
  6. Haradon

    Haradon Well-Known Member

    DotA > HoN > LoL
  7. mysfire666

    mysfire666 Banned

    so Icefrog is worse then HoN and LoL. o_O?
  8. jvt619

    jvt619 Well-Known Member

    LoL: Cartoonish but the same map as DotA and has new and orig heroes....
    HoN: Nice graphics but almost original heroes are imba....
    DotA: Cartoonish graphics but this game was released in 2003 and what do u expect some games on 2003 but has awesome original heroes
  9. Aca29

    Aca29 Well-Known Member

    Actually i dunno why people are saying they have better graphics, its maybe even worse then wc3.Don't even try LOL its for mentally challenged people,and HON is like flashy, noobish version of Dota.Try HON if you are bored of Dota it will keep you entertained for few weeks
  10. Myself

    Myself Well-Known Member

    One of the main flaws with HoN is its intense similarity to DotA. Because they are so similar there is no reason to play both of them and I chose DotA because I am familiar with wc3 and because I like the atmosphere of it more.
    As for LoL it brings in new gameplay mechanics. Even though it shares core features with DotA its basically a new and fresh game worth playing.
  11. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    I don't think the ex developer of Dota named Guinsoo or Steve Feak was the developer of LOL.Guinsoo is the one who introduced Roshan(the name was from his favorite bowling ball) and Sheep Stick.
  12. hideinlight

    hideinlight Well-Known Member

    Turn off post processing (no more flashy shiny bloom), foilage etc in HoN and you got yourself a crispier terrain and overall graphics like in Warcraft...
    That's what I love about HoN, customization and a nice GUI to change things in.
  13. noname65

    noname65 Well-Known Member

    Based on my DotA experience and what i've seen in HoN.
    I can only say...
    NOTHING beats the original. Go IceFrog! Show them dota is the best.
  14. DemonSpade

    DemonSpade Well-Known Member

    yes he is
  15. DrJigsaw

    DrJigsaw Well-Known Member

    i have played all of them,at the moment im playing dota and LoL i quited HoN a long time ago though
    ofc dota is better is better then both of them but LoL is still fun tbh whereas HoN isnt really that great, last time i played it it had some unbalances and over used graphics
    LoL can be unbalanced sometimes because you might get an arranged team of some high lvl guys with better heroes
    in LoL you get IP(ip points)after a win and you get to buy new heroes however there are free heroes and they are changed every week, and LoL is somewhat fun
  16. SolarClipz

    SolarClipz Well-Known Member

    Here we go again...

    LoL is just too akward and does not and will not ever have the same type of competitive atmosphere that DotA has.

    HoN is a full on COPY AND PASTE with new names of items/heroes/etc (which confuses the veterans) and better graphics. However, it just doesn't feel as fast paced and doesn't seem to bring the same intensity.

    DotA is still where it is at!
  17. Kouganei

    Kouganei Well-Known Member


    LoL is very fun, until they locked up SEA players that is. Specially the neutral buffs you could get. It has more originality than HoN. But nothing beats DotA.
  18. Hev

    Hev Well-Known Member

    LoL has an armadillo which curls into a ball and rams into people.
    I play it just for that.
  19. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    You forgot Demigod in your list
  20. stefan101

    stefan101 Well-Known Member

    Who failed in DoTa , he now plays HON xD