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  1. D074.4.3v3r

    D074.4.3v3r Member

    Since the room on garena isnt used anymore, i suggest to use it as a trainingcamp for EVERYONE who wants to improve his skill.
    the idea is the following: we make a list of good players who r willing to take care of students and show them in 1v1, 5v5, or ai games or whatever how to improve their skill, there could be lessons in 1v1 how to stay on lane, how to deny/lasthit, u can train ganking with bots and much more, and in contrast to selftraining, u got a good player who helps u, that'll improve the learning curve by far !!!
    to arrange theses games u pm the players.
    important for this to work are the following things:
    -no elitists and no flaming, they want to improve, dont blame them for this
    -students should take it serious and REALLY want to improve, dont join just to play a game or when u r bored
    -teachers have to list the time when they usually r avaible, the rest will be coordinated individually via pm
    -we need some1 who will coordinate this thread for the future, since i wont have enough freetime and may wont go online for several days a week.

    to start the recruitment, we need a thread coordinator and teachers....


    - Creeping Shadow
    - chrisamis
    - swordofhonour01


    - blahblah
    - A-M
    - swordofhonour01
    - Shimgong
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  2. CreepingShadow

    CreepingShadow Well-Known Member

    I doubt this will work. But, I'm willing to teach. PM me if you ever get enough people interested in this.
  3. jpup

    jpup Well-Known Member

    I would be interested in being a student.
  4. A-M

    A-M Well-Known Member

    so do i :)
  5. MissBlood

    MissBlood Well-Known Member

    Would this room have people willing to play competitively? How will anything be maintained or monitored..?
  6. CreepingShadow

    CreepingShadow Well-Known Member

    Exactly, why I said this would fail. You should do this on RGC. Has points ranking and good hosting. Would be a lot easier to be maintained.
  7. jpup

    jpup Well-Known Member

    They can't even host the new version of wc3. You call that good hosting?
  8. CreepingShadow

    CreepingShadow Well-Known Member

    Yes they can? When was the last time you used RGC?
  9. gresno

    gresno Member

    im in
  10. swordofhonour01

    swordofhonour01 Well-Known Member

    sounds good.. and i opt for RGC over garena due to the ranking system
  11. D074.4.3v3r

    D074.4.3v3r Member

    im not used to rgc, i have installed it played a few games, but thats it.
    if u look at my post count, im not even in pdihg....

    to manage these kind of things i need help from an experienced member of pd who will lead the whole project !

    its nice that we already got so much positive response btw !!
  12. Toneeh

    Toneeh Well-Known Member

    use rgc imo stats means alot to people no adays
  13. D074.4.3v3r

    D074.4.3v3r Member

    i pm a few big guys from pdgg/pdih, if do this on rgc they r perfect to organise it, for now we have to wait for a response, i made a list of people willing to be teacher/student, so none will be forgotten/left out.
    gresno and swordofhonour01, u want to be students or teachers?
  14. CreepingShadow

    CreepingShadow Well-Known Member

    BlahBlah is troll, so don't put him on list :cool1:
  15. swordofhonour01

    swordofhonour01 Well-Known Member

    actually i would like to be both.. i have been playing dota for 4 years now but i havnt really played in the competitive scene yet so i still have much to learn and infinite room to improve and know tricks and all
    at the same time i am experienced enough and skilled enough to help out newbies and avg dota players
  16. D074.4.3v3r

    D074.4.3v3r Member

    if only the majority of dota players would think this way.....
    i play since 6.59 and since i play more or less organised with my mates (cm and ar), my skilllevel improved by far, but there r still so much thinks i can improve in, most players ignore this (one of my mates too...) and think they r pro, or at least way above average and flame newbs(!) for being not as skilled as them.
    thats one reason i wanted to do this, the same happend in the pd community and now we might have the chance to help each other, instead of just flaming each other.
  17. swordofhonour01

    swordofhonour01 Well-Known Member

    i know how you feel.. see the only way to take down these type of ppl is to own them in game....thats why im always in a quest to get better in all aspects of life....perfection knows no limits
  18. Shimgong

    Shimgong Active Member

    I would really be interested in being a student.
  19. SentinelStrike

    SentinelStrike Well-Known Member


    honestly, learning dota is something you have to do on your own, outside of getting tips from better players. You won't get better by playing 1 game a day where some guy tells you what to do.
  20. swordofhonour01

    swordofhonour01 Well-Known Member

    you misunderstand... the concept of this is to help to get used to a certain playstyle.. a more viable play style
    this is something like recieving tips but.. um... how shud i say
    its more than getting tips but less than getting experience.. somehwere in the middle..
    alternatively the "teachers" can teach the "students" some specific things here like creep stacking/double runing/choke point jungling etc... the advanced mechs which they wud NOT be able to learn on their own or learn after a LONG time