Dota Trading Card Game

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by wangjingtian, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. wangjingtian

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    Well, this thread is actually nothing about card game.

    I was just watching the YuGiOh 2012 tournament, and suddenly this idea flashes into my head.

    It's gotta be the best and the most popular TCG in the world, uh?

    Even better than YuGiOh and MTG
  2. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Ahem: The Card Project ;)

    Well honestly there are imo not enough heroes for it to be a game like Yu Gi Oh.
  3. NiteVerse

    NiteVerse Well-Known Member

    Not making a card game but a set of collector cards.
  4. Flasky

    Flasky Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert in these fields, but isn't Magic: The Gathering more popular?
  5. lightjedi5

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    To be honest when I saw the character selection screen it made me think of trading cards. It also made me wish i could have a gold border for some of my characters, even if it would only be cosmetic.

    @Flasky yeah it is.
  6. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    Do you seriously believe a card game made from a videogame would be more popular than magic and yugioh?
    The collective IQ of this forum is decreasing rapidly
  7. DrFrank

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    Bristleback used SPLASH!

    It was super-effective!
  8. Noxonius

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  9. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    Those are not playing cards, they are collecting cards
  10. Domenico

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  11. Claire Farron

    Claire Farron Banned

    Trading Card game normally come after series/movie. We need a Dota movie first :D
  12. CasualPubbie

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    You just activated my Psionic Trap card!
  13. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    counter-force staff?
  14. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    Name: Earthshaker
    Type: Action Card
    Description: If more than 8 enemy cards are on the field, they get destroyed and you win.
  15. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    Here's what I meant btw:
    Searching DeviantArt for subject

    Credits go to author, Talon-Ofoalain and all those people who have drawn used pictures before.

  16. CynthiaCrescent

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    <3 Wyk
  17. Life-Stealer

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    You jsut activated my Psyonic trap
  18. Aircross

    Aircross Well-Known Member

    MTG's system is better than Yugioh's due to the heroes having abilities that cost mana to use.

    Also, I hope those MTG:DotA cards will get updated with Valve's Dota 2 artwork.