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Discussion in 'Others' started by Tozox, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Hi there Im still a relatively new member to dota and definitely new to this forum as one can see. But being me Im chalk full of ideas for making games a little more interesting and flavourful, in my opinion at least. Anyways here goes:

    Imagine yourself one ancient in the middle of a map with lanes coming out of it. Creeps would spawn towards the lanes from the edges of the map and your team of heroes would have 5 barracks of their own and creeps would spawn. At the beginning you would start off with no towers of yours and their would be 2 tiers of towers for the computer controlled creeps. Progressing through the game you would get gold from farming as in any other dota game but this gold would not go towards weapon items but only to supplies such as tangoes, salves, scrolls and what not. One could also use this gold to put towers of their own at specific locations on the map and to upgrade creeps or add more creeps to creep waves. This would be very similar to Nazi zombies and other survival games as in every wave of creeps or every number of waves of creeps (whatever balancing calls for) would get increasingly more difficult. There is also a catch, for every creep or hero of yours they last hit they increase the difficulty for the next creep wave. Like Nazi Zombies this endless stream of creeps would never end, even if you manage to destroy the opposing towers.

    In my opinion this kind of game type would be a great addition to the world of dota for one it teaches many beginners the basics of the game. Such as last hitting for gold to improve your chances of survival. Denying creeps to prevent becoming overwhelmed by the incoming creeps and lane control as your own towers will be able to do the most damage to the creeps. It also adds variety to the game and would be a great competition to see which group of players can get the highest cs in their respective lanes :p.

    Let me know what you think, any input is greatly appreciated.
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    1. Go into a pub.
    2. Let your enemies get mega creep.
    3. Defend.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
  3. Tozox

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    lol yes i could do that but i would be more worried about the team fights in front of the base then actually pushing the creeps out. Plus Dota needs a little variety after (correct me if im wrong) 9 years of one game mode. Yes I know there are different things like allpick, deathmatch, allrandom and other gametypes that make things interesting, but to me it seems that Dota is wasting so much potential of what it could be.