Dota platform other than Garena

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by LuX-R, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. LuX-R

    LuX-R Member

    Hi guys, wanna ask.

    Is there any dota platform in SEA other than Garena, coz i can't host game in Garena and always disconnects from room.
  2. muxmux-

    muxmux- Well-Known Member

    Steam Dota2 :3

    OT: Idk on SEA area, but u can give Darer or Dotalicious a try :T
  3. bloodchow

    bloodchow Banned

  4. isavon

    isavon Well-Known Member


    Dotalicious I don't recommend that much because you'll for sure lag/delayed like insane shit.
  5. Aragorn_911

    Aragorn_911 Member

    * Dotalicious
    * Game Ranger
  6. 8thCircle

    8thCircle Well-Known Member

    rgc is worse than garena
  7. bloodchow

    bloodchow Banned

    rgc is better than garena, only the mods in the rgc are idiotic
  8. Moone

    Moone Well-Known Member

    ICCup. aka International Cyber Cup
  9. RyanCid

    RyanCid New Member

    Dotaleague - excellent platform but requires b-net account
  10. Jorata

    Jorata Member

    RGC is really good i free platform.
  11. Schmeiser

    Schmeiser Well-Known Member

    dota league doesn't exist for like 3 months now, i just play on PDC ye i know it's awful but i can't play on dotalicious and garena is uber shit
  12. XPressFantasy

    XPressFantasy Well-Known Member

    Well the room disconnect issue has just occur recently , like 2 days back , and i strongly believe will be fixed in very soon , as garena is very strict in technical issue.

    Meanwhile RGC will be a nice platform to play on , but you will need someone else help , to get vouched into pro channels .
  13. LuX-R

    LuX-R Member

    i tried RGC and its quite okay.... start played at there..
    dotapod has no game, and when it get, all slot are occupied so fast...