DotA Pick up lines!

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by FearTheBeast, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. FearTheBeast

    FearTheBeast Well-Known Member

    Baby do you have a basher? Cause you're a stunner!

    As Tide gushes on Lina, can I gush on you?

    Are you Pudge? Cause you've got me hooked!

    Are you Enchantress? Everytime I'm farther away, the more it hurts:(
  2. Sock Rats

    Sock Rats Banned

    replay or it never happened.
  3. Ivanns

    Ivanns Well-Known Member

    Good ones! But I don't think girls will be glad if you compare them with Pudge :D
  4. IAmNikZ

    IAmNikZ Well-Known Member

    :D I liked the one with Enchantress.
  5. OMGitsPAPI

    OMGitsPAPI Well-Known Member

    Are you Pudge? Because The Closer I get in touching you the closer I die with you
  6. Sock Rats

    Sock Rats Banned

    -are you pudge? cause you've got me hooked.

    -yesss. *rot, ulti* AAAAAAAAAAHH FRESH MEAT.


    -baby do you have a ba- *1.4 sec stun* -sher cause you *1.4 sec stun* got me stu- *1.4 sec stun* -nned.

    -do i look stupid? i am faceless void, why make basher?
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  7. azure_pegasus

    azure_pegasus Well-Known Member

    The Enchantress one is copied from Nv.Sayuri IIRC. :p:
  8. jops123

    jops123 Well-Known Member

    Me and my classmates did this last school year.....
    1. Are you using Black Hole because I am getting Closer to you.
  9. FreeUrStupidEar

    FreeUrStupidEar Well-Known Member

    Haha, this is lolz.
  10. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    This is MADNESS!
  11. Zuul

    Zuul Well-Known Member

    baby, are you related to QOP, coz your ass is purrrfect! :X: lol

    Are you wearing Mask of Madness, coz you sure are insane!
    Oh wait-

    baby, are you Mortred, coz you got my dagger stiff! :p:
  12. hhumas

    hhumas Well-Known Member

    i always make basher and mask of madness on seven.. :xd
  13. amount

    amount Well-Known Member

    For a second, I thought you were Traxex; you left me speechless.

    My heart's Leaping out to you.

    You should see me fire off my Magic Missile.

    How would you like to go back to mine and Spawn some Spiderlings?
  14. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    My might cannot be matched.
  15. darkhunter

    darkhunter Well-Known Member

    Check out filipino ones, its in tagalog though
  16. Mr.SA

    Mr.SA Banned

    here ill contribute(sorry if i have a gramatical error on this)

    omniknight- i am your guardian angel
    viper- i walk slowly when you are there
    rikimaru- you cannot see me, just always think that im right beside you
    Skele king- i will rise again,and again just for you
    sand king- my world is shaking if your there
    Tower- just stay in here ill protect you
    Doom Bringer- i have nothing to do if you are there
    Roshan- i will wait for you, even if it takes long
    Fountain of life- my strength is back if you are there
    item shop- i will give you everything
    FAceless void- my time stops of you are there
    TB- i will exchange my life just for you...
    Bloodseeker- its hard to stay away from you
    Brood- dont hide to me, i know your there
    Venge- please dont exchange me with someone else
    bristleback- its painful if you show your back to me
    Radiance- its painful when you are there
  17. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    ^ lol the venge one is epic
    omni- the more you run, the closer i get
  18. IAmInYourPants

    IAmInYourPants Well-Known Member

    The Enchantress one was surprisingly true...
  19. D4rKAv3nGeR

    D4rKAv3nGeR Well-Known Member

    Not bad. Infact the originality makes it even more appealing.

    My favorite one. Maybe I'll even use this one liner!