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Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by Godlike_Noob, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Godlike_Noob

    Godlike_Noob Well-Known Member

    Hi ,there.

    Here is some collection of DotA pictures.Enjoy...:cool1:

    Just click the link below:-

    DotA Pics.rar

    N.B.-All of them are collected from web.If anybody have problem regarding to this topic,please post me.

    Sorry for my noob English.:unsure:

  2. Green_Sliche

    Green_Sliche Moderator

    This goes to media section I guess?
  3. l0r4k

    l0r4k Well-Known Member

    They all are not yours, why bother?
  4. brixlovesdota

    brixlovesdota Member

    Wow i love this one ! :)
  5. mahcookie

    mahcookie Well-Known Member

    Rylai has... fat legs :D
  6. blajen

    blajen Well-Known Member