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  1. TheBloodseeker

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    Is dead.

    Getting a game going takes longer than 30 minutes, at times 2 hours. Unless you are playing Dota cash, which in this case is the ruler of the games simply because they host the most and new players are attracted to their consecutive games.

    TDA? good luck, there has to be at most 19 players, and even that is pushing it. You can always see the same people over and over again.

    Why make this thread? Why even mention this to the DotA community? It's because i care, it's because im worried about DotA even having a chance against HoN or LoL. Maybe it's too late, maybe DotA 2 is 2 years too late. LoL players are convinced their game is best, and HoN players are convinced their game is better than LoL. Those die-hard players are not switching, its the same for the dota players when LoL or HoN came out, we never switched - we can expect the same from them.

    To be honest, i don't blame them, its basic marketing. And its predictable, in fact i wrote to icefrog and the forum several times about this issue. Now its too late, we missed the marker. Icefrog nailed the coffin with Bots.

    Sure if you look at it, Bots are good. They don't lag (when hosted correctly), they are not bias, and they can host continuously without players in game to stay.
    But that is NOT the dota community, and that is NOT what the community comes to play.

    People did not come to 'play', they came to ridicule and destroy the opposition. To humiliate and shorten the ego of an opposing enemy. No one farms 40 minutes to increase their player skills, they do it to shove a rapier down their throat.

    We are a community of Trolls, Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls. And with the major element, The Host, we lost it all. and to boot, a global banlist (practically global, since pubs don't join anything but dotacash) makes the game unthinkable to join in on.

    I haven't finished a complete game in over 2 months, 2 fucking months.

    What is left? does Icefrog care? At this point in time, its not going to work itself out, it needs to be guided and worked with, or else our precious game will be gone.
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    People have moved to other clients like DotALicious, Ranked Gaming Client, iCCup, Garena, etc.
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    hope i helped
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    I see plenty of people on Garena/DLG
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    So long as I have someone to play with, be it a boring game with newbs and leavers or an outstanding game where winning or losing is on the edge of a string, its fine by me, cause its just an entertainment for me.

    If I were serious about gaming, I'd be honing my skills to the point where I'd participate in tourneys, not just for the sake of self improvement so I would laugh at others with my strengths.
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    Maybe it's only dead in your country. I play lots of games on, almost every day, and it only takes minutes to get a game. (Australia.) There are frequently several games being hosted at once.

    In contrast, I tried dotalicious for the first time a little while ago and it took quite a long time to start a game. Much longer than getting a game on

    So again, dota isn't dead at all. It just depends on where you live.
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    I stopped playing Dota on Bnet ages ago because:

    1. Bnet's 250ms ping is fucking horrid unless you host using your own spyware-ridden bot.

    2. Flamers and childish kiddies plague US servers. Fucking shitty ass American mentality is worst for DOTA (And I'm American!).

    3. APEM faggots

    4. Even when I left, DOTA was slow there. Takes too long.

    5. Host bot abuse faggots. These little pussy 10 year-olds think they're the shit with bots. I've been kicked and banned before because I went rampage. Fucking children.

    Garena is better because:

    1. I always host. 0 ping = godly last hitting and raping

    2. I play on Europe servers because no one plays in North America. It's busy, games fill fast, and no problems.

    3. People are VERY NOTICEABLY nicer compared to kiddie Bnet. Less flaming, no APEM faggot games, less retards.

    I don't care WTF you say. Garena beats Bnet by MILES.

    And yes, other platform users can shove it because I've played on those. Dotalicious is the most serious, but I really don't like their lag, and leavers still persist (when they do, you wait ETERNITY for reconnection wait).

    I played a mate from PD IH. He skilled Crits early with Leoric with no Soul Ring. What a noob. I don't think I'm missing much there.

    Bnet <<<< Pile of shit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Garena

    Every day pub stomping = Garena is great
    Serious games = Dotalicious

  9. darewin

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    Well DotA players think DotA is the best, who cares about HoN or LoL players not switching to DotA 2 when it comes out.
  10. MissBlood

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  11. acf3passion

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    Seriously man, use Garena. I've never looked back. Bnet 'community' isn't gonna magically change. It's been turd and always will be.

    Yes, Garena has its share of leavers, flamers, etc. But it's nowhere near the epic proportions of a clusterfuck that is Bnet.
  12. kitchen

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    HoN players, die-hard? S2 was banking on dota players picking up hon, and a bunch of hon's playerbase (ok, I have a pretty small sample size, but of the 10 or so friends I know who play HoN, all used to or still play dota, and from browsing their forums it seems like a lot of them are in the same boat) is current/ex dota players who had no qualms switching. I don't think they'd have any problem switching again.

    And seriously, not having a host isn't that big of a deal. I only play pubs and dotacash is fine for me, and this is after years of regularly hosted games.

    Maybe you're trolling or just getting a little ferclempt about something else, but there's no big problem here.
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  13. pokesam94

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    agreeded very much, im just sad i cant get my Garena to work anymore :realmad:
  14. Pandamonium

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    People have moved to Garena, Heroes of Newerth, Dota Pod and other DotA gaming platforms.
  15. dronza_01

    dronza_01 Well-Known Member

    What's the problem with your garena?
  16. Rivirland

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    Bnet isn't dead in Europe. I played 2 games yesterday, but I realised why I moved on to a better platform: I random'd N'aix and went mid against a Destroyer who used his orb when he had the mana, until he was oom and when he regenerated enough mana, he used his orb again. He was bottle first and I outlaned one of the best solo mids with a N'aix. We had a Rhasta in our team who said I was noob because... idk, he blamed the enemy for being noob because they 2v1'd him (aka gank :'D), we had a Rooftrellen who left after getting killed once etc etc

    Most games are em, lots of noobs, but a guaranteed pub stomp there.

    Garena is worse, by the way. Bottle first in sidelane is not weird to see at all, people stay in lane with 10% hp and cry for no miss when they die when someone in his own lane kills him while being fogged. Way more noobs and leavers there imo.

    Anyway, people have moved to platforms where leaving is punished, with stat tracking etc etc
  17. Cp6uja

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    DotA on Bnet has never been popular anyway.

    Also, people do play on Bnet, but you can't see those games, since they are private, like Dota-League and Dota Cash.

    And why would you play on Bnet which has nothing to do with DotA when you have RGC, DLG, ICCUP, Garena which provide much better options.

    This is very wrong observation, and your worries about other DotA clones are silly.
  18. Rikoshay

    Rikoshay Well-Known Member is the worst platform these days.
    Hackers, Leavers, and plenty of noobs.
    DLG, iCCup and DP is probably the best platforms for DotA.
  19. sebeke

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    Playing DotA on bnet is useless really. Garena is also shit, so many random drops,lags bugs etc and if you play pub everyone suck. The worst thing is that garena admins dont care as long as cash keeps comming from gold account, they dont even bother to fix GGTV or a million bugs. Also (part of garena) is hackers who ddosed RGC lately. RGC far superior platform without all these anoying things. Only reason to still play ggc is for cws since noone switched yet ( also leagues).
  20. Madchen

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    Dota-legaue SIG's on bnet are very good pubs games. Much more better the nany ggc pub even rgc pub but also skill lvl in sig is above those two.