DotA Mechanics Common Terminology

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    Holy shit, it's ICBS.

    Pathing, Target-type / Targetability.
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    i always wondered how did they choose the word proc? what is the etymology of it?
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    Updated/Corrected some

    It's probably the one Sevryn posted:
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    Think back to MUD days.

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    We had Sophismata present on Mechanics front page. Thanks to you - we don't...
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    I think they come from here...
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    Thanks for the list. :D
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    maybe "Ethereal"?
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    It doesn't belong to the terminology. It's a state.
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    # Invulnerability

    A unit state which grants the unit immunity to all sorts of damage.

    juss sayin'
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    I tried to come up with explanation but failed.

    You are just wrong.
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    lol cano
  14. Can place one of several different buffs on attack, such as Corruption or Fury Swipes. Certain items and abilities grant a buff placer on attacks. Only one buff placer will function for each attack.
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    Very Very helpful !! thnk so much!! :)
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    a compilation of the orbs and their interactions inside a spoiler tab would be a nice addition to this. including the interaction between attack type and armor type would also help.

    adding as much useful info as possible would be great. this IS advanced mechanics anyway.
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    You mean something like this and this?
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    you may want to add triggered heals, pause, invulnerability, evasion, spell resistance...

    oh yes, why this isn't made as "dota terms dictionary"
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    ^Can't tell if sarcastic or not...