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    Post your builds: No Sf ulti, No more then 2 disables, No totem, No bugging eg. Invis Stacking. No other Normally banned skills.

    The Tank Build:

    Morph (All strength)
    Great Fortitude

    The Flash Killer:

    Devour (The lvl 4 wolf)
    -Troll, or any other agi ranged

    The I like images build: (manta build)
    Mirror Image
    Devour (Wolf again)
    Usually Ranged Agi

    The Carry Build:

    Empowering Haste
    Could be on melee if have enough MS to chase

    The "I can own carry build"

    Essence Shift
    Time Lock
    Fury Swipes
    Focus Fire

    A tank ranged agi/intel hero

    The Fun Build:

    Meat Hook
    Battery Assault
    Chakra Magic
    Perm Invis

    Intel tank hero - Dark Seer

    The Team ownage build:

    2 players get
    Essence Aura
    Zeus Ulti

    other 3 get:

    Storm Bolt
    Zeus Ulti

    The "other" build (any you use that does not fit into above categories)

    Take Aim
    Incapicating Bite
    On mirana Drow etc.


    Land Mines
    ^based around that
    Meat hook if you want
    Nether swap if you want


    Nether Swap
    On ranged hero.

    Blink up cliff swap melee hero put ward up there
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    tl, dr. mb i'll bb
  3. [AirCoN]

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    The list:
    ===============================================OMG MODE BUILDS: (NO GLITCHING, NO BANABLE SKILLS)
    ===============================================DAMAGE PER SECOND:
    Damage Mass:

    #1 - Empower,Morph, Overpower and Grow (Preferbly on Rooftrellen)
    #2 - Tidebringer, Empower, Devour/Command Aura + Crit and Grow (Cleave Build, two E hotkeys however)
    #3 - Refraction, Jinada, Empowering Haste and Nether Strike
    #4 - Refraction, Empower, Tidebringer and Vendetta


    #1 - Jinada, Morph, Devour/Command Aura + Crit and Grow (Double Critical)
    #2 - Refraction, Devour/Command Aura + Crit, Morph and Grow
    #3 - Empowering Haste, Devour/Command Aura + Crit, Morph and Grow
    Armour Reduction: (RANGE ONLY)

    #1 - Meld, Empowering Haste, Ensnare and Amplify Damage
    #2 - Meld, Gush, Presence of the Dark Lord and Amplify Damage (Along with Desolator and Assault Curiass it is the heaviest possible Armour reduction build)
    #3 - Gush, Empowering Haste, Devour/Command Aura + Crit and Amplify Damage
    #4 - Gush, Timelock, Empowering Haste and Amplify Damage
    #5 - Gush, Presence of the Dark Lord, Empowering Haste and Amplify Damage

    #1 - Mirror Image, Juxtapose, Frostmourne and Rupture
    #2 - Mirror Image, Juxtapose, Reality Rift and Viper Strike (Two R hotkeys)


    #1 - Mirror Image, Juxtapose, Ensare and Amplify Damage
    #2 - Mirror Image, Conjure Image, Ensnare and Amplify Damage
    #3 - Mirror Image, Conjure Image, Juxtapose and Rupture (Two R hotkeys)
    Fast Damage:

    #1 - Frostmourne, Empower, Timelock and Shapeshift (Two E hotkeys)
    #2 - Fury Swipes, Feast, Timelock and Shadow Dance
    #3 - Fury Swipes, Timelock, Empower and Shadow Dance
    #4 - Fury Swipes, Overcharge, Timelock and Shadow Dance
    #5 - Morph, Overpower, Empower and Grow (Preferbly on Rooftrellen)

    #1 - Overpower, Backstab, Windwalk/Blink and Marksmanship
    #2 - Overpower, Morph, Backstab and Marksmanship
    #3 - Fury Swipes, Timelock, Geminate Attack and Marksmanship (Passives)
    #4 - Overpower, Timelock, Ensare and Grow
    #5 - Overpower, Arcane Orb, Essence Aura and Permanent Invisiblity
    #6 - Overpower, Take Aim, Psi Blades/Windwalk/Blink and Impetus
    #7 - Beserkers Blood, Feast, Overcharge and Marksmanship

    #1 - Dragon Tail, Maeldict, Windwalk/Blink and Laguna Blade or Death Ward
    #2 - Dragon Tail, Maeldict, Decripfiy and Laguna Blade
    #3 - Dragon Tail, Maeldict, Magic Missile and Laguna Blade
    #4 - Waveform, Hoofstomp, Double Edge and Viper Strike
    #5 - Meat Hook, Double Edge, Hoof Stomp and Culling Blade

    ------------RANGE + MELEE

    #1 - Decripify, Maeldict, Windwalk/Blink and Laguna Blade
    #2 - Maeldict, Fissure, Storm Bolt and Permanent Invisiblity
    #3 - Shadow Poison, Quill Spray, Essence Aura and Ball Lightning
    #4 - Magic Missile, Maeldict, Windwalk/Blink and Viper Strike
    #5 - Sticky Napalm, Essence Aura, Blink and Pulse Nova (Preferbly on Ogre Magi)
    #6 - Homing Missile, Strgwyr's Thirst, Global Teleport and Assassinate (Preferbly on Warlock for it's good int/str stats)
    #7 - Waveform, Stormbolt, Fissure and Epic Centre
    ===============================================TANKING: (MELEE ONLY)
    ===============================================Pure Tanks:
    #1 - Backtrack, Blur, Morph and Great Fortitude/Reincarnation
    #2 - Bristleback, Blur, Morph and Greatfortitude/Reincarnation
    #3 - Repel, Blur, Bristleback and Reincarnation
    Damage Tanks:
    #1 - Morph, Return, Dispersion and Great Fortitude/Burrowed Time/Reincarnation
    #2 - Counter Helix, Bloodbath, Bristleback and Burrowed Time/Reincarnation
    #3 - Sticky Napalm, Essence Aura, Blink and Pulse Nova (Use with Ogre Magi or any other high str/int heros)
    #4 - Counter Helix, Return, Bristleback and Great Fortitude/Burrowed Time/Reincarnation

    #1 - Global Teleport, Meat Hook, Land Mines and Nether Swap
    #2 - Land Mines, Stasis Trap, Vaccum and Remote Mines
    #3 - Quill Spray, Shadow Poison, Essence Aura and Ball Lightning
    #4 - Bloodrage, Toss, Nightmare and Sunder (Teamkill build, two T hotkeys)
    #5 - Morph, Backstab, Overcharge and Marksmanship (Morph str to agility)
    #6 - Bladefury, Rot, Empowering Haste and Reverse Polarity
    #7 - Tidebringer, Empower, Great Cleave and Grow (185% cleave without battlefuries)
    #8 - Thunderclap, Degen Aura, Blink and Eye of the Storm

    Credits to -J0KER-
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    windwalk/blink, jinada, totem, grow

    storm bolt, decrify, lightning bolt, finger/laguna

    overpower, essence shift, timelock, shadow dance/markmanship

    nature's guise, any orb, essence aura/anything you want, shadow dance/grow/track
  5. Senjougahara

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    "Don't even try to move"

    Any hero with:

    Arc Lightning
    Essence Aura
    Permanent Invisibility/Any other ultimate
  6. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    ^where does the after shock take effect??on your hero or your target??
  7. Senjougahara

    Senjougahara Moderator

    Does after shock take effect on your fissure's target?
  8. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    ohw shi-

    i hate questions answered with questions..
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    unofficial map discussion is not allowed.
  10. azraelzbane

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    no, around your hero oh and VNG works better with aftershock and aftershock is banned in the unofficial version of OMG dota.
  11. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    googleson, I think we must upload some replays =D
  12. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    Thread has lack of

    Greater Bash
    Take Aim
    [Random Shit]
  13. azraelzbane

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    i agree
    gtfo copycat !@11!! oh and i figured that overpower works wonders instead of [Random Shit]
  14. Shadow Fury

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    Lawl, I remember this epic pwnt build

    What was it?


    Phantom Strike

    Rush MoM

  15. azraelzbane

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    You forgot the part where fury doesn't work with sniper unless you are close range for some reason ;p you were like WTF?????
  16. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    That's why Phantom Strike for pwnting =D
  17. azraelzbane

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    I reckon Totem + Overpower + Take Aim + Impetus would pwn that with rushed agha + dagger

    ALL_CAPS_GUY Well-Known Member

    I see one mistake with this "build".

    How can someone tank, if NO ONE CAN CLICK HIM! :wallbash:
  19. MonkeyEx

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    aa is the perfect hero for this combo; decent Int and amazing casting animation, added with high attack range and good animation. other candidates are invoker, pugna, dazzle and good omg int heroes.
    torrent + bolt is an amazing combo, costs 260 mana and deals 625 magical damage, topped up with 3 to 4 sec disable. waveform acts as additional aoe damage + escape skill + initiation + whatever waveform is used for. the final touch is a gamebreaking aoe ulti, the reason why tide is picked 70% of the games, obviously. ofc, there are other candidates for ravage:
    weaknesses for this build:

    for refraction, torrent already counters it well enough, but refraction is annoying against burst damage nukes like storm bolt,waveform and ravage.

    amazing late game carry build:
    syllabear is one of the best agi ranged hero in omg mode, high ms, high missile speed, 550 range, decent agi and str, bad int though.
    emp haste is one of the best physical dps skill in dota, combined with syllabear's 310 base ms, it adds around 60 damage and high ms for chasing/escaping capability. Feral impulse and essence shift works wonder together; along with 4 agi per attack, feral impulse furthermore add 1 damage to that agi gain. chronosphere is a gamebreaking ulti for any scary late game hero.
    A 5 sec aoe disable ensures death of at least 1 enemy hero(es).
    +syllabear has poor casting animation, making a perfectly timed chronosphere difficult. picking another hero like sniper would solve this problem.
    +no guaranteed initiation, syllabear can only rely on his high ms to initiate. ofc, it can be solved with lothar or dagger.
    +all passives, except for ulti, no real teamfight presence except for right clicking
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