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    how bout after broodmother was overthrown she (my hero) becomes the queen :D
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    I'll try to do it.

    E: quite busy, this is what I come up to ._. maybe you will want another writer to correct some part.
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    Not bad, but i don't like the replacement for brood part. How bout this: she was the true heir to the throne but brood usurp it and she takes advantage when brood falls in love with anu'barak, and she was responsible for banishing brood in the first place when she regains the title :D
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    ^ can anyone please rework on this :(
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    Anub’ankhptah. Mother to Anub’arak – the last queen of Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. Believed to have been slain during the War of the Spider she has returned once again. Though now allied with the Scourge, she fights not for the Lich King but to defend the catacombs that are her home. Those who enter her crypts are confronted with hordes able to appear and disappear seemingly at will. Her attacks are as subtle as she is devious often only showing an enemy his true mortality long after it is too late. At first believed to be immortal, her immediate return to battlefields after rare confirmed kills has led the Sentinel to believe that the Nerubian Queen is not one - but many.

    Revised from the previous one.

    Note: Anub'ankhptah (my thats a mouthful) could possibly have existed within Warcraft Lore, and there is no conflict with Broodmother. The Nerubian queen held the title before her time, and technically Anub'arak was a Nerubian prince who fell in the Second War of the Spider. He was then resurrected and turned by Arthas.

    I strongly suggest you read this page and maybe change the name of the hero into something that might be recognized as I believe the Anub' title is for males.

    Perhaps Nezar'Azret who already exists within Warcraft Lore and is currently unused by anything. But then I doubt, although still possible, that she could have mothered Anub'arak. (Actually still possible).
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    Hmm maybe that will do. Thanks for the story :D
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    You should fix your hero before asking for a background story, its skills and name kinda weird.
  10. Lotus V Eater

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  11. adityacakasana

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    THEME: Holy
    Holy Slash: Anchor Smash that stuns
    Dash: Blink, but can be interrupted by stun
    Rejuvenate: Each time cast spells, increase the mana regen
    Combust: Pulse Nova that silence, and the damage is based on her manapool
    AFFILIATION: Sentinel/Radiant
    OTHER: Maybe focus the story on her speed and intelligence..
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    Ghostwing - The Frost Wrym

    i need some awesome Hero Introduction and Background Story here. The BG must be stating that he is being reincarnated by Lich King and because of that he is willing to serve Lich King to destroy Sentinel. He is basically an ice dragon, with an ice manipulation. Also, if you're kind enough to help me rephrase the spell description, it is more than appreciated.

    Spells: Crystal Shatter, Blizzard, Chilling Presence and Cold Flight

    thanks in advance
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    Need a name and story for an item I am suggesting (and icon but this thread isnt for that), it is Orb of Venom plus Mask of Death, you get lifesteal and also a dmg over time, the dmg dealt to the enemy hero comes back as a lifesteal.
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    Hi. Can you check this out and add a background story...based from what you see in this hero? Thanks, and btw the name says the theme.XDD
  15. Gutan

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    LINK: Here
    THEME: tortured vengeance greed lust and hatred
    SKILLS: skill 1 dark sanctuary: make enemy can't move from 350 aoe(like kinetic flied), silince them and after disable it will explode dealing damage to enemy and heal allies inside AoE
    Skill 2 Curse of Hollow: make enemy loss mana, get damage equal with mana loss and reduce their magic resistance
    Skill 3 Power of Derpair: heal him every time get attacked by enemies
    ultimate Dark ritual: summon meteor to damage in 1000 AoE around him
    AFFILIATION: Scourge
    OTHER: none
    please make him a background story
  16. sirky004

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    Hur'kan the Savage

    Theme: Some sort of a berserker

    1. Necro-cannibalize: Eats corpse to heal and increase Max HP.
    2. Crushing Strike: Increase damage and ministun target but also damages self.
    3. Auto-Berserk: Cast Bloodlust every 5 seconds.
    4. Death Tag: Increase receive damage at this state and tags target. Can deal critical damage if receive required damage.

    Affliation: Scourge or Dire

    Main Attribute: Str

    Here's the link btw :)
  17. MauranKilom

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    Hi there,

    This is not directly a request for a new hero background story, but much more to extend an existing one.
    More to the point, i'd like to create a wc3 cinematic map about a DotA hero (an existing one), but i'm not good at making up stories. So i thought i'd ask for help in here.
    Also, i don't need a well-formulated text, but an interesting story that can be visualized.

    I already picked some heroes that might have a nice background story to extend: Slardar, Lifestealer, Slark, Skeleton King, Necrolyte and Bone Fletcher.

    I might also need some nice dialogues later on, but for now i need a story.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: You can also PM me for this.
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    got some small picture for clinkz and slardar;
    clinkz is a high elf spy that executed when (s)he is discovered.
    slardar fell during battle at frozen throne (the last stage at campaign) and resurrected
  19. MauranKilom

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    Thanks for those, could you extend them a bit?
  20. Strange_Kid

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    I'm not a very good writer so i will make this simple, and its a scenario for the cinematic. And I assume you know the wc3 lore.

    Clinkz: A high elf fight at battle of sunwell, he make a pact to be a spy for exchange of his freedom. He left to kalimdor as a high elf survivor. Later make a battle scene that goes bad for the sentinels thanks to the leaked information. The sentinels leader have a meeting to conclude spy possibility, and dispatch the wardens to investigate (can use mortred, shendelzare, lanaya, whatever). In short, clinkz caught copying the document and refuse to give himself up. He windwalk away badly wounded, and die at the scourge camp/woods. He is (found then) resurrected as a deadly fletcher he known today.

    Slardar: Make a scene when illidan summon him and the other naga from the depth. Then make series of small flash of battle of slardar, from guarding illidan's boat, claiming eye of sargeras, saving tyrande, and stop at preparations for icecrown glacier's battle. Make a scene of battle between naga and undead (Illidan - arthas, Slardar - Anub'arak, Kael - Lich, Vashj - anyone). End with Illidan, kael and slardar's defeat, Vashj and what remain of the naga minion fled, carrying illidan and leaving the rest. Then, arthas resurrect Slardar as his minion, and the scene black away with slardar set a chase to the fleeing naga. (Slardar start with normal naga royal guard color, and after resurrection become the current color)