DotA: iPhone App (Free now)

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by quietbamboo, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. quietbamboo

    quietbamboo Member

    hi, there:
    I want to say sorry for my previous thread advertising my Application on iPhone which was $0.99. And now I think I should make it free since it is only a DotA wallpaper app and very simple.

    So search "DotA' in iPhone App Store and you can now download it for free.
    Send me a feedback if you have any idea to improve it.
  2. iishy

    iishy Well-Known Member

    Still says .99 cents. =P
  3. ResQ

    ResQ Well-Known Member

    Takes a bit time, the apple guys must check the updates first.
  4. crimewave

    crimewave Banned

    haha i installed it, its just pictures its 100% totally basic. if u put guides in there it would be useful, right now its kinda stupid but still funny
  5. capgrass

    capgrass Active Member

    Add updates from the news section of playdota, and maybe even some of the other big dota sites, plus a quick way to access guides, and maybe even the forums (although I can do that through the browser), and I'll download it.
    Give me something that makes my life easier or is interesting. Pictures fulfill neither of these requirements.

    Dispite how negative my comments may seem at first, I would be very pumped to have a useful DotA app for my iPhone.
  6. hussein

    hussein Member

    Cool ive been waiting for some one to make dota app Thanks
    BTW I downloaded it and I gave 5/5 :D
  7. pu12e

    pu12e Member

    i saw the app wasnt too spectacular now u need to pay for it and couldnt believe u gotta pay for pictures u can see on any dota website
  8. SolarClipz

    SolarClipz Well-Known Member

    If you had some sort of RSS feed into it, it would be pretty cool.
  9. quietbamboo

    quietbamboo Member

    I already made it free.
    Apple needs sometime to update their database maybe.
  10. quietbamboo

    quietbamboo Member

    No, you don't need to pay. It's free now, check it
  11. quietbamboo

    quietbamboo Member

    Providing DotA hero guides is a good idea.