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    I for the longest of times used dotas arcane hot key system and felt my game play suffered because of it. Sometimes in the heat of the battle it is very possible to miscue certain abilities because of their odd positioning. I propose that dota altogether get rid of hot key placement all over the board and come up with a simple setup. I've been using the HoN setup of placing skills 1-4 in the slots of QWER. Q activates first skill, W second and so on. It took a fair amount of getting used to as I had to relearn all my keys and after countless times pressing F for fissure and realizing it was Q (>_<), I believe I've become a better player because of this.

    While this setup may not be comfortable to all, it is convenient and close to the A key on which my hand is almost at all times. It would also be great if the inventory could also be hot keyed to say the 1-6 slots (of course people who use heroes like Meepo/Chen would be frustrated, so this part is not set in stone).

    So I propose a) a restructuring of the keys to the QWER setup so that I don't have to personally set them up but that they are there in position upon downloading the map (if possible) and b) to reset the inventory to be accesable via 1-6 keys (this can be worked out as I'm kinda on the edge about this one personally).
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    How constructive. Keep pressing E for omnislash.
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    I use auto keys and I created custom hotkeys for items. It's not specific to dota, it's just a hotkey generator for your computer in general.

    Since I have a laptop, I'm missing the number bad on the side. I did ALT+ C-V-D-F-E-R for number keys 1-2-4-5-7-8, which are in the position of the inventory. I also changed "Capslock" to Number key 8. This is for items that are really important to cast quickly, like blink dagger or dagon.

    For the skills, I like having them the way they are now. Im using to having most stuns be T, and other skills just the way they are. If I changed them, I bet I would relaps, and accidentally hit the wrong key from time to time.
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    I understand that some people are more partial to the old school setup and changing it may fuck with them, but there's no doubt that the QWER system is not only more efficient but also simpler. Newer players would not mind experimenting with heroes who have 4 actives or awkwardly placed skills.
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    It's useless as far as I am concerned. The hotkeys are all lined up so that you can stick a finger on all the moves and still have the pinky left for a/s.

    Plus, if having to stretch your fingers to play QoP (she has the hardest hotkeys imo, though I still can easily position my hand pinky for a/s and ult(w), ring finger for sstrike(d), middle finger for SoP(f) and index for blink(b)) or any other harder to finger hotkey heroes, there's always customkeys.
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    Here's what I say to QWER skills suggestion... read below my riddle...

    It Tried, Bands Died, Fans Cried

    for idiots read below,

    Tried, Cried, Died
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    Use search function. There are already tons of suggestion of it

    Also this is the self-quote of my answer

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    Tons of suggestions already as NoThInG said. Is it that hard to learn the hotkeys? It also gives newbies the incentive to keep playing the hero. Just use the CustomKeys...
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    I disagree Alt+Q+Q ends game X(
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    make it a submode.. xD

    -hotkey on - qwer hotkey will be used..
    -hotkey off(default) - custom hotkey will be used..
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    i agree an uniformal hotkey system would be helpful, but it just doesnt work the way out you imagine due to the problem nothing mentioned.
    there are several custom key programs and they do a good job for me.
    at above poster: a mode wouldn't mess up all the veteran players, but still, some heroes have more than 4 skills etc.