DotA hero fights on!!

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by goodone93, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. goodone93

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    YouTube - Juggernaut vs.Ursa Warrior Ursa vs. Juggernaut Ursa vs. Mortred
    YouTube - Ursa Warrior vs. Lifestealer Ursa vs. Naix
    YouTube - Ursa Warrior vs. Murloc Nightcrawler Ursa vs. Slark
    YouTube - Ursa Warrior vs. Silthereen Guard Ursa vs. Slardar - Naix vs Slardar - Ursa vs Huskar - Ursa vs Bara Ursa vs Chaos knight Chaos Knight vs Troll Warlord!

    I will release alot more. At the moment Ursa Warrior is the strongest hero in DotA :cool1:
    You must check it out!!:ninja:
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  2. Ghuy

    Ghuy Well-Known Member

    very cool thanks for making this :)
    nice work.
  3. goodone93

    goodone93 Member

    Glad you like it :)
    Upcoming videos: Ursa vs. Bara / Ursa vs. Huskar (Huskar did a really good job!) and Naix vs Slardar (request made) :cool1:
  4. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    I request a Slark one ! His passive is worth the effort.
    Edit: there's already one..
  5. -IncoGnitO

    -IncoGnitO Well-Known Member

    Good work
  6. Poker-Ash

    Poker-Ash Well-Known Member

    nice ones.
  7. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    What's the point?
  8. Sources

    Sources Well-Known Member

    didnt really need a vid to show me ursa out dps everything but cool idea
  9. Redleader134

    Redleader134 Well-Known Member

    How about some int?

    Maybe WR
  10. .nom

    .nom Well-Known Member

    hmmh kinda pointless without items, not hard to forsee outcomes without them.
  11. louroux

    louroux Well-Known Member

    do spec and mortred brah! :D
  12. pipser

    pipser Well-Known Member

    You cheated on troll vs nessaj, used melee form on only actives.. :)
    Nessaj can out dps any single target hero with ulti and he is the fastest hero in dota so he is the strongest 1v1 hero.
    Maybe add stuff like doom, naga, tb, sven, centaur, these should be interesting.
    In a no item situation int should dominate so no point including them ;)
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  13. Nuky-Duck

    Nuky-Duck Well-Known Member

    Hah good job =)