DOTA for minecraft!

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by jomarcenter, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. jomarcenter

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    hello minecraft and dota fans and i got an update for you.

    i totally found a dota for minecraft map and it downloadable

    requirement: minecraft server (cracked or original version)
    download link:

    you can also put your minecraft server with the map here. (since i cannot host a server for you all.)

    -thank you
  2. Inconnue

    Inconnue Well-Known Member

    not this shit again
  3. Louie.

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  4. slence

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    It's cool but someone already made topic about it
  5. Domenico

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    It must be in Video Games section.
  6. Boss_Kobra

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  7. R.U.Sty

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    >neutral buffs
    Almost got me.
  8. Everbane

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    Cool yet not cool because re-posts are not cool.
  9. Koutsiog

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    That's minecraft lol not minecraft dota, get that shit away from me
  10. Ryux

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    Seems motherfucking legit
  11. MingeBag

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    Fail i dont think so