Dota/Dota 2 Hero/Icon/Skills comparison

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by SMila, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. SMila

    SMila Well-Known Member

    Well i made this 2 images to compare current stats and Hero icons between the DotA and Dota2. If anyone got any skills comparison img, can you pls link it in PM?




    Made this thread so that ppl that are searching, looking, making feedback dont have to open multiple tabs to compare this things. I will upload it with skill set and other things in the future.
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  2. wesai

    wesai Well-Known Member

    Obviously Dota 2 has better icons (not counting the item icons).

    Thanks for the list, it's easy to compare now.

    Edit: It's easier to watch a Dota 2 match and recognize the items with this! :D
  3. flyfloon

    flyfloon Well-Known Member

    Sange & Yasha really needs a change it looks pretty bad
  4. zhkR

    zhkR Well-Known Member

    Great job! but pretty sure that energy booster should be linken's
  5. Evermourn

    Evermourn Well-Known Member

    You mixed up magic wand and magic stick.
  6. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member

    Energy booster has wrong icon (linken sphere's icon), energy booster's icon isn't shown as well as Linken sphere's dota1 icon not and magic wand has also wrong icon (magic stick's icon)..
  7. entrodiibob

    entrodiibob Well-Known Member

    all i see for the first pic are WC3 models.

    and for the second, ORGINALITY!
  8. MyZahir

    MyZahir Well-Known Member

    current Necrobook >>> dota2 necrobook imo
  9. _BlackJack_

    _BlackJack_ Well-Known Member

    this ^^ and btw ty for making this thread much easier to recognize the items..
  10. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    just make a list of skill icons, and you'll see that they are bleeding your eyes out
  11. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    THIS, razes icons makes me go back to hon's Nevermod.

    Not to talk about animation itself ~_~
  12. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    my perfect examples are all of venge's skills.

    there is no other word on that skillset, than "SUCKS".
  13. burningsera

    burningsera Well-Known Member

    very nice ^^ GJ!

    you got the new linken icon mixed up with the energy booster tho.

    and soul booster is missing.
  14. hhumas

    hhumas Well-Known Member

    nice ...............
  15. SMila

    SMila Well-Known Member

    Fixed. Tnx for seeing that. :D
  16. TheZor

    TheZor Well-Known Member

    I do agree, some item/skill icons need some overhauling. Some of them look very "bland", with those gradient, I'm not very fond of that - then again, personal taste :D.
  17. OnYourKneez

    OnYourKneez Well-Known Member

    thanks for the list helped me alot o_O!!
  18. SMila

    SMila Well-Known Member

    Bump. \:3/
  19. jonasdsk2

    jonasdsk2 Member

    Thanks, was looking for something to go getting used to the new icons.
  20. kmaatouk

    kmaatouk Active Member