Dota cash abusing banlist pragram is mess up

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Draken, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Draken

    Draken Well-Known Member

    dotacash is a joke this only bot i have proplems with i show them proof of replay thier bot is wroug and even 1vs1 one of thier admins still havent unbanned. serious i look at my scores its sooo wroug. admin scores is joke hes number 1# in dotacash what big shocker who premade his team and faces compete noobs. im sorry this may sound flaming but serious thier mad shit talk and have silly banned rules. for exm u get banned for 5vs3 or player feeding on purpose. so just heads up dont brother joining dotacash u get nothing but noobs.
  2. clan_iraq

    clan_iraq Banned

    Thanks. I've forwarded your concern to the authorities.
  3. scron2

    scron2 Well-Known Member

    Make a new username; wait one day and rejoin dotacash games.


    LESSON1: NEVER FUCKING APPEAL EVER, especially when your account has a peon icon. It just isn't worth it... for any fucking league unless you are 100-0.
  4. PeGBoY

    PeGBoY Banned

    No one cares.
  5. Draken

    Draken Well-Known Member

    did em player just said no one cares lol?
  6. BiH-Kira

    BiH-Kira Well-Known Member

    You won 10 million internetz!!!111oneoneone
    Here is your prize:

    And now on topic...

    No one cares.
    Srsly, NO.... ONE.... CARES!
  7. Krazy_Karl420

    Krazy_Karl420 Member

    All the admins i met on there site have been dicks as far as I can tell. So don't play the games they host, simple answer? I think so...
  8. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    Here is their forum:

    Also, you can request bans here:

    We can't help you with unknown gaming platforms/leagues. The best would be to follow those link I've gave you.

    If you have any questions, send me a PM.
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