[Videos] DoTA Bob Esponja

Discussion in 'Submitted Media' started by Superwaitsum, Aug 24, 2009.

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    I hope you like it and wait for the next DoTA AI Fun map
    It´s in Spanish
    Note: Please don´t make negative comments.​
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  2. qlq

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    Lol... link to where this can be downloaded?
  3. MurazorOFAngmar

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    roflmao! that is hilarious, sponge bob in dota.
  4. Wizard

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    Where is Patrick?):
  5. Ano-Oobist

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    Thanks for the effort Superwaitsum. Keep your time and let it be a master piece.
  6. zXLestath587Xz

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    :nuke: :shock: OMG que le hiciste al dota fun. XD
    no ya hablando en serio trata de que sea mas balanceado.