DotA 6.63 loadscreen (wallpaper version)

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by kunkka, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Kazu_

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    thanks i was looking for this
  2. dubzie

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    Very nice wall paper Very nice job on dota 2 :).:eek::
  3. BocahNusa

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    very like this
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    thanks you! I have a new wallpaper now! <3 love it! ^^
  7. ATK_

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    Epic/Fantasy/Mystery Pictures are the Best Pics for DOTA.
    I like to see Impressive Cruel WallPaper for Dota because in this game,You always killing!killing heroes,Creeps,Denying ourselves Creeps and that's very Cruel and in the Wallpaper it's most be Shown !
  9. GaLenDoR

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    Nice,thx =)
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    Thanks !
  11. Adrian92

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    Ty for sharing
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    nice wallpaper :) also traxxex was cool.
  14. vn00131309

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    that's so great !
  15. weett

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    Finally found it.
    Great Wallpaper.
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    Thats so going on my laptop
  17. gimmefuel

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    wow,i love it.great work indeed
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    Awesome pic there
  19. c313

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    Really awesome, would rep if could ^^
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    Wow. Cool!