DotA 6.63 loadscreen (wallpaper version)

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by kunkka, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Cool arts dude!
  3. ladysuin

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    love kunkka
  4. Mullins

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    Great work on the details. :)
  5. Rafalee

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    lol wallpapers
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    jugg looks like a boss
  7. tatanxx

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    nice :DDDDDDD!
  8. redxk

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    looking forward to all the loadscreens you do :)
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    thanks Kunkka :-X
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    legolas is more like traxes :(
  12. rx.shanks

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    They should change up loading screens for dota 2
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    I play dota every day,but all my friends play Dota 2,I nowhere can find it give me pl
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    it's awesome
  18. blueslife

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    love ur work man, totally awesome
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    Nice 10/10