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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Razer.Cyberias, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Razer.Cyberias

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    So someone on this forum inspired me to create some dota 2 wallpapers for everyone. I don't have much to work on, since valve hasn't really shown us that many images, but i'll do my best to create some from those that are already out.
    Also, if anyone has the time, can you help me create more renders for me to work on? i've searched on google but only 2 images were worth working on.

    Please feel free to make some wallpapers on your own, if i find them good i'll post it in here. This thread will be updated constantly when i find more renders and when i find good fan-made images, for the ease of those looking for a nice wallpaper/image

    Here's an example of my style of art:


    I'm still a novice at this so i'll be redoing this at my own time
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  2. Sly_theK1ng

    Sly_theK1ng Well-Known Member

    Re: [Dota 2] Wallpaper thread

    stop editting kunkka's wallpaper...pls
  3. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member

    Re: [Dota 2] Wallpaper thread

    Why? I think it looks awesome.
  4. Finoral

    Finoral Well-Known Member

    Not so bad, but the theme of your wallpaper doesn't fit SF imo
    The colours are too dark also ^.^
  5. Nameless

    Nameless Well-Known Member

    Hmm... since I've got nothing to do but pray to God Warcraft works again or that I get a key.

    I might try making one. :D
  6. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    i used the two colors that kunkka used for sf, orange and black, its the simplest color scheme that i could think of
  7. Finoral

    Finoral Well-Known Member

    I mean you could use different kinds of orange, as the one inside SF's body, which is very light, well I dunno how to tell you this but I think you got my point
  8. Rabscuttle

    Rabscuttle Well-Known Member

    Re: [Dota 2] Wallpaper thread

    because it's rape...
    looks awkward
  9. Cyampagn

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    Re: [Dota 2] Wallpaper thread

    Never raped a friend of yours? It's a life changing thing to do, you should try it out
  10. StudyMan

    StudyMan Well-Known Member

    you should check out the dota media, i guess someone rendered most of the heroes from the wallpaper.

    i'm too lazy to search for it though.
  11. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    i searched dota 2 renders and the 1st thing that came out was that thread, but that guy only did 2 renders. i don't think the juggernaut render suits my style so i'm holding back on it for awhile
  12. Phoenix

    Phoenix Well-Known Member

  13. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    i'm trying to compile art works here so that more dota fans would be able to see it. Not many people visit the studio d'art section anyway.
    The title is misleading, i should go and change it.
  14. Nameless

    Nameless Well-Known Member

    My first try on making wallpapers.

    Criticism is welcomed but please, do know that this is my first time.

    I rendered both Juggernauts myself btw so it may not look that good.
  15. Sertralin

    Sertralin Active Member

    Nice, but 800*450?
  16. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    auto resized, sorry
  17. BlackBoy0

    BlackBoy0 Well-Known Member

    I love the Shadow Fiend wallpaper. If you could do one of Riki or Earthshaker I would have your babies <3
  18. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    Haha i'm quite new at photoshop too ^^
    I really like the trail behind the dota2 juggernaut and the desert theme, but i feel that the renders and the background need to blend in together more. You could use the 'overlay' function for that. Use a black background and set it as the lowest layer.

    Keep playing around with photoshop, u'll get used to it in no time
  19. Nameless

    Nameless Well-Known Member

    Meh, I'm used to making sigs. Wallpapers are just too big. D:

    I'll try again...
  20. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    It's okay.