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Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by SnowToad, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. SnowToad

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    I saw there were some wallpapers out of the DotA 2 art put together, however my screen has a massive resolution and they were too small for it.

    I just put together the four pictures and kept them original size, and thought I'd share it.

    For best fit, resize the width of the wallpaper to the width of your screen (resolution wise) and constrain properties so the height is resized by the same proportion, and set is as "Centre" mode (as opposed to stretched, tiled)

    If you're using Windows 7 (Maybe vista too) just select the 'Fit' option in the wallpaper settings thing.

    Full size is 3720 x 1600

    Direct Link

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  2. Konvick

    Konvick Well-Known Member

    really nice
  3. NobleArch

    NobleArch Well-Known Member

    woot..good effort.. im using only one of those four and not satisfied for centering small pic.
  4. -Xirx-

    -Xirx- Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the wallpaper, I appreciate it, looks awesome
  5. Dagguh

    Dagguh Well-Known Member

    HD and JPEG - you kidding?
  6. koraloy

    koraloy New Member

    I'm looking for some 2560x1600 dota wallpapers... anybody?
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  7. мusịĸ

    мusịĸ Well-Known Member

    This and also your resolution sucks balls >.>. No one has a resolution like that and resizing and centering and fucking up the pictures butchers the image's quality beyond belief.

    Worthless effort.
  8. Noobie101

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  9. мusịĸ

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  10. SnowToad

    SnowToad Well-Known Member

    Originals were jpg. There was no loss of quality. Fits perfectly fine and looks flawless on my 2048x1152 display. I'm not going to provide individual resolutions for every person who might want it. Learn to use a computer

    Kindly depart this thread and get back to DC
  11. мusịĸ

    мusịĸ Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and you go on and learn what HD means.
  12. darkesthour04

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    it really depends on the laptop/pc/phone you are using but its still HD in my omnia 2 after numbers of resizing..maybe your gadget sucks..thats why you have bad results:rofl: