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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by pepe560, Jan 6, 2012.

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    I can't select some options in the advanced tab of video settings, one of them being the texture quality, which would make a difference, I think. Does anyone know why? Or aren't the low-quality textures available to choose? It's very hard -almost impossible- to play with those FPS, (around 15-20 I think). My computer's specs are not SO bad, but not everyone has a good video card to play the game smoothly. I think it should be better optimized. Does anyone thinks the same or can help me?
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    Yeah, it's harsh, but if you want to change the texture settings, you have to go through the console.

    The command for it is mat_picmip. The lower the number, the higher the quality. To give you an example, high quality configurations on TF2 has mat_picmip set to -10.

    Although, in Dota 2 the range is limited from 0 to 2.

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    I completely forgot about the console. Thanks, I'll try and tell you how it went :p
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    Maybe learn to read....

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    Turn off v-sync.
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    notimplementedyetyoufuckinidiot.png ?

    No need to get angry, it was only a question :)

    I turned v-sync off already.
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    er i have a question , to play dota 2 smooth with 1280x720 res and high setting what kind of PC do you need ?
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    lol ive set mat_picmip to -10 and my fps improved
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    very well
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    wait wtf... it got improved.. then i started a new game then its back to freaking 30..
    it was 40+ earlier
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    before the bounty hunter update I was at 60 fps with all of them on high, now it's 30. your best bet would be level down your video settings (remove shadows, texture details etc..) I got 50-60 fps tops when I level them all down, I just tested it though, 30fps still looks good on my 16:9 1920x1280 reso.
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    ... The game won't allow for that unless cheats are enabled.
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    wait what O_O ?
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    how to enabled cheat?
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    Game optimizations is the last stage of development. So for now live with that.