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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by OxTox, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. OxTox

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    I'd like to share with you guys my unusual courier!

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  2. Corki

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    Hey guys! Did you know! Dota2 Is open beta!
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  4. yummybui

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    I don't think you quite get the point of this thread. The OP was just trying to show off his new item which he got from opening a treasure chest.
  5. Millennium

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    I don't think you know how DC works.
  7. Blueno

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    Very nice. This is only obtainable by opening a locked chest, no?
  8. Manlybug

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    Lol for the voice, i love it :D
  9. yummybui

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    Morok's Mechanical Mediary, $7.99 in the dota store, or pure luck through treasure chest.

    Edit: The Felicity's Blessing (green aura looking thing) is only obtainable from treasure chest though. Credits to the guy below me.
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  10. -Misfit-

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    The one in the store doesn't have the effect, so it's no unusual. The one he has it only obtainable by opening a chest
  11. Mx_Paladin

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    Nice chest opening seeing how it's the OP's 3rd.
  12. Sly_theK1ng

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    guys, which year is it?
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    +1 It was quite a review :D
  14. OxTox

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  15. OxTox

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    I was like, i'd use my courier in-game so I went support, so in response: As you wish!

  16. Hadgehog

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    I wonder if those courers will actually go for 300-400$ like unusual hats in TF2 now
  17. Razp

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    wait what?
    people pay 400 bucks to get a hat?
    I mean c'mon!
    I know MTG's Moxes and Black Lotus prices are insane but the cards actually give you power.
    But 400 bucks for a hat? really?
  18. Hoffs

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    Ye, like super special bills hats or ear budds.
  19. Hadgehog

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    Check that if you wanna have a vision of what is most likely coming to DotA2 in the near future. The 'numbers' are min/max prices (well, it's all described there)

    PS Hah, biggest one I found is 2000$, those guys sure don't know any limits :D
  20. Vhixinhaler

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