DOTA 2 Skill Level Calculations

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by dewIV, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. dewIV

    dewIV Active Member

    I know that you can check the skill bracket (normal, high, very high) that you are in by checking recent games. My question is if anyone has a rough estimate on the amount of games played that qualifies you for each bracket.
  2. BlindMaiden

    BlindMaiden Well-Known Member

    There's not such thing, that's why MM is so shitty.
  3. dewIV

    dewIV Active Member

    However basic, there must be something that determines which skill level you are generally in, unless icefrog appointed RNG gods to troll.
  4. BlindMaiden

    BlindMaiden Well-Known Member

    Is only based on your win streaks.
  5. LukeWindwalker

    LukeWindwalker Well-Known Member

    You're fucking retarded.
  6. Moroco

    Moroco Well-Known Member

    I think this is the way Valve decides this
    when you watch a replay you get a option to watch just the highlights of a game, you see the most difficult kills and escapes and i guess the more times you appear on each game you play determines your skill level and its ranked amongst the people you play with, if you appear in too many highlights then maybe you will get players of your same "skill level".
    I've noticed the hero performance increases more when you appear on many highlights, regardless of the win/lose.
  7. TheBoneZone

    TheBoneZone Well-Known Member

    I thought it was win % and how well you do with X amount of heroes, I don't know though, it was just my guess
  8. xdv

    xdv Well-Known Member

    It's been explained on the dota2 dev forum that they use a pretty standard rating system - every player has a hidden MMR rating that they start with (depending on how they answered the initial question on how skilled they thought they were).

    Winning games increases your MMR, losing games reduces your MMR, no other factors are taken into consideration.

    In general I've seen numbers that suggest the top 15% or so players are "High" skill, the top 3% are "Very High" skill, and the rest are "Normal". Some guy did a scrape of a hundred thousand games off the DOTA2 server, similar to what DOTABUFF does, and just sorted it by game skill level and found these ratios.

    From personal experience, it took about 20 wins to advance from Normal to Very High Skill, something like a 10 game win streak, and then a few losses and few more smaller streaks.
  9. Mulldrifter

    Mulldrifter Banned

    I've really no idea how it's determined but unless you go into solo MM there's way to tell your true MM level, because when you play with other people their MM rate also affect the MM level of the game.

    I pretty much always play with 1 or 2 friends and the MM level of those games are in High (used to be in Normal). My solo MM level is also High, but after playing 15-20 games alone I can get into Very High so my guess would be that (supposing you chose the right level when first playing Dota 2), you would need at least 30 games to get in the bracket you should be.

    On a side note: Everytime I get into the Very High bracket I get paired with the most retarded fuckers I've ever seen in the history of DotA. No idea why, but it's been like that for me.
  10. Muboman

    Muboman Member

    I made a new account, played one game, went 38-2-10 and from then on all games have been "high skill". Only 11 games played. It's confusing, as I only have started playing in high skill matches after 420 games on my main account.
  11. Cymen

    Cymen Moderator

    This thread is based on wrong information. The way replays are rated has nothing to do with Matchmaking or your skill-rating. There are no brackets or leagues in MM. Please use the official thread. You can get a few answers there.
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