DotA 2 Screen Resolution

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by zFang, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. zFang

    zFang Active Member

    I feel like I am at a disadvantage with a 19" monitor that supports 4:3 resolution. I mean I can use the 16:9 or 16:10 ratio but the game doesnt fill up the whole screen. Does it really matter or is it time for a new monitor?:mellow:

    OR, should I use my 26" 1080p HDTV as my monitor (it supports 16:9 @ 1920x1080.)

    Decide which one I should play in...

    Heres the 4:3 screen.

    Heres what I'd have to do to play in 16:9.
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  2. Mittsies

    Mittsies Well-Known Member

    I'd get a wide-screen monitor. Only people trapped in the 90's still use fullscreen.
  3. hell911

    hell911 Well-Known Member

    what is your monitor model and brand?
  4. Rahuruk

    Rahuruk Well-Known Member

    People still use fullscreen monitors?
  5. hell911

    hell911 Well-Known Member

    what is a fullscreen monitor? is that CRT?
  6. FreeBorN

    FreeBorN Well-Known Member

    fullscreen .. bullshit
    correct it to : 4:3 / 5:4 - such as 1280x960 or 1280x1024

    fullscreen is an application mode. It has NOTHING to do with resolution ratio.

    And yes in Dota2 16:9 gives you the most visible area!
    such as 1280x720 and 1920x1080
  7. Spunja113

    Spunja113 Well-Known Member

  8. just buy new monitor and leave crt !! :D
  9. Alibambam

    Alibambam Well-Known Member

    A new monitor costs maybe 60 euros for a decent 1920x1080 native resolution
  10. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

  11. ruskor

    ruskor Active Member

    how is 16:9 bigger than 16:10 ?
  12. zFang

    zFang Active Member

    It's an hpvs17 (i guess its a 17") but its not a crt lol, its an lcd one.
  13. LeGoLaSSS

    LeGoLaSSS Well-Known Member

    16:10 does display more pixels then 16:9 but it gives you a smaller fov
  14. zFang

    zFang Active Member

    I added images and some other information, go to my first post!
  15. cHiKar4

    cHiKar4 Member

    full screen ftw
  16. hell911

    hell911 Well-Known Member

    if your video card can handle 1920x1080 resolution, then use your 26" HDTV.
  17. Luk1c

    Luk1c Active Member

    Mine is 19" and everything is working fine :)
    Wide screen ^