DotA 2 Releases in 2013

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Noxonius, May 12, 2012.

  1. Noxonius

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  2. ForsakenAcolyte

    ForsakenAcolyte Well-Known Member

    the cake is a lie

    IT'S FAAAKE!!!
  3. MNoya

    MNoya Well-Known Member

    Of course it will... who cares? I can play it.

    There are 33 heroes left, that means more than 7 months at a rate of 1 hero per week (very optimistic)...
  4. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    uh.. duh?
    Everyone knew dota 2 is out in 2013, official announcement or not
    that is, unless valve goes to one hero per month
  5. Hadgehog

    Hadgehog Well-Known Member

    There is still hope for open beta.


    It was already going to be released at the 4th quarter of this year
  7. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    I'm playing it now.So i really don't care.
    But my brothers do >:D

    JAAASSON Active Member

    As long as I still got my key and playin, Jelly people gonna be jelly... They'll be waiting for 2013 while I'm still playing it.
  9. Dwarrior92

    Dwarrior92 Well-Known Member

    This isn't new, most ppl already knew it was going to comeout in 2013, well not that i care about it, got my key so
  10. Walker8

    Walker8 Well-Known Member

    Meh, I don't really care as long as I can play it right now. :D
  11. ForsakenAcolyte

    ForsakenAcolyte Well-Known Member

    i got 7 more beta key, so....

    what's the big deal anyway?
  12. Nicolback

    Nicolback Well-Known Member

    inb4 International 3 commences on the release date.

  13. Metztli

    Metztli Well-Known Member

    but the world is going to end :(
  14. sirky004

    sirky004 Well-Known Member

    The world is going to end if you die.
  15. oneSix66

    oneSix66 Member

    Im very disappointed if its true personally cant understand this silly is it possible that some people can play it right now and some are not?!what the hell is this?i want this key too.share with every1 if so.whats the big deal?anyway its not gonna be perfect as it should be even after a let the people enjoy the game such as is it right now!who's with me?
  16. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    The server capacity isn't high enough to support all the players, for example.
  17. Rabscuttle

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  18. oneSix66

    oneSix66 Member

    they can solve this problem for a week.its not a big deal.Valve just want to increase the interest,but the only thing they do with this pushing time is losing fans and desire to wait this game.Leauge of Legends for example did exact the opposite thing.they released the game and now they fixing,working on the servers and they doing everything right and every day there is more ex-dota players move to LoL and here lies the problem!
  19. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    DotA players aren't switching to LoL, except the really bad, immature players. Most still play DotA 1.

    Secondly, creating servers to different countries takes more than a week.

    There are obviously more reasons to keep it as closed beta. It's Valve, they totally know what they're doing here.
  20. oneSix66

    oneSix66 Member

    I dissagree,even the top players like NS or LaCoste playing LoL.But the fact is that LoL more Popular the Dota 2 And Valve have the members of comapny around the world along time ago.its just a business tricks or some other crap that i still cant get.I dont see any good reason to NOT release it