DotA 2 Release Date (Just Saying)

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by QqEr, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. QqEr

    QqEr Well-Known Member

    So,i and lots of you have a 50% discount on a valve game that will be launched until the 2nd of January 2012.That makes me think that maybe DotA 2 officially comes after that exact time?
  2. MrBGJM

    MrBGJM New Member

    That would be pretty sweet, but I would love to get my hands on the beta for a while too =\
  3. RichboyIv

    RichboyIv Well-Known Member

    Its not vavle loves putting discounts on there games ALL THE TIME its coming out summer or fall (vavle time)
  4. Flv

    Flv Well-Known Member

    That's impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if it releases on january 2013.
  5. nopistons420

    nopistons420 Banned

    no its just a 50% of any valve game coupon;

    every single coupon they have given out from the steam Christmas promotion is only valid after jan 2nd. that is because the Christmas promotion ends jan 1st and they dont want you stacking discounts. so you are reading to far into it; besides they still have 8 months worth of heroes to add if they keep up their current pace.
  6. Ayevee

    Ayevee Well-Known Member

    That would be nice if Dota 2 wasn't F2P
  7. saaanx

    saaanx Well-Known Member

    Trust me it won't release until much later
  8. Ge5

    Ge5 Member

    man they just give 4000 key
    open beta march-april
    full release datec may or maybe summer
  9. Nothung

    Nothung Well-Known Member

    You know there's something written on the coupon saying it's for games released before january 2nd ?

  10. oblio

    oblio Well-Known Member

    Well, for a full port, they need to:
    - port ~50 more heroes
    - port 5 items
    - implement the Socialize tab
    - implement match making
    - implement a replay system

    I doubt it that it will be ready sooner than 6-9 months..
  11. DuBocoio

    DuBocoio Member

    as far as i see dota 2 still have a lot of thing to be completed, we don't even have an open beta yet

    my guess is a long time till oficial release
  12. QqEr

    QqEr Well-Known Member

    And i said something different from that ? :eek::
  13. itzalta

    itzalta Active Member

    Wait what? DotA 2 release date's on 2nd Jan?
  14. QqEr

    QqEr Well-Known Member

    If you came to that conclusion.

    p.s. No
  15. Truaslaique

    Truaslaique Active Member

    So, when it will release?
  16. joaovcc

    joaovcc Well-Known Member

    mb 1 year from now on, for the official release.
  17. Truaslaique

    Truaslaique Active Member

    oh lord, so its will keep closed beta? .-.
  18. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    This game is in alpha stage, forget about it.
  19. NeutralCreeps

    NeutralCreeps Well-Known Member

    Dota 2 won't be released in January 1, 2012.

    And there's a huge possibility that the game MIGHT go free to play.
  20. Clockwrkgrey

    Clockwrkgrey Well-Known Member

    They already publicly announced it will remain in beta for atleast a year. Please research before posting useless shit. It will not be out of beta any time before Aug/2012 I wouldn't suspect it to be released until Q1 2013.