[Dota 2]Recruiting (SE Asia region)

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  1. Grubby8585

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    Steam name: Exoduslam / exoduslamsinrong
    Age: 25
    Playing from: Australia
    How long have you played dota: many years/ last 2-3 years hon
    Individual Skill:
    What roles do you play:hard carry, mid, ganker/stunners
    Preferred heroes: any
    Expectations from this team: active week nights/ weekends, lots of scrims and draft discussions

    Skype name : exoduslam add me for trial.

    About: Im from singapore, currently studying in australia, 18-19+ in hon and 2k+ in lol. Looking for good scrim team, who would play for experience.
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  2. hanliang

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    Steam name:MovesLikeJagger
    Playing from:Singapore
    How long have you played dota:3yrs soon
    Individual Skill:7/10.still have areas for improvement
    What roles do you play:Support/Ganker/Semi-Carry/Pusher
    Expectations from this team:Able to showcase a certain lvl of skill play and team play
    Screenshot of Wins/Losses/Abandons on your account:17/11/1 just got my beta key.abandon because of internet issues.

  3. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    screenshot of win/lose/abandon ?
  4. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    explain the 3 abandoned games
  5. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    3 of you added on steam
  6. Jang

    Jang Member

    Pump up :D - need mid/high skill in solo mid :D
  7. ProCj231

    ProCj231 Member

    Steam name: ProCj2314
    Age: 15
    Playing from:philippines
    How long have you played dota:6 yrs or 5?
    Individual Skill: Im really good at farming if i play carry and really good at ganking if i play support
    What roles do you play:Hard Carry/Semi Support
    Preferred heroes:Carry:Weaver,DK,Lycan Support: Rylai,Venge,Earthshaker
    Expectations from this team:I hope this team is really Good:cool1:
    Screenshot of Wins/Losses/Abandons on your account: Wins:19 Lose:20 Abandon:0
  8. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    i see 4 procj2314, which one are u -.-
  9. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    bump, looking for babysitter
  10. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    bump got 5 ppl now, recruiting 2 more
  11. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    looking for supports
  12. vp2lenneth

    vp2lenneth Member

    Steam Name: vp2lenneth
    Age: 21
    Playing from: Singapore.
    How long have you played dota: 7-8 years
    Individual Skill: I wouldn't rate myself.
    What roles do you play: support/gank/roam
    Preferred heroes: cm/vs/tide/wd/es/prop/wr
    Expectations from this team: It would be good to break into the competitive scene internationally.
    Screenshot of Wins/Losses/Abandons on your account: 116/109/2
    (abandons are from disconnects by dota2 due to a bug back then)
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  13. BiriBiri

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    Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060980359 and http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047115160
    Age: 17
    Playing from: Singapore
    How long have you played dota: 6 years dota, dota2 ever since first batch of beta keys.
    Individual Skill: probably mid-high?
    What roles do you play: Any, preferably solo/jungler.
    Preferred heroes: Enigma, Panda, Windrunner.
    Expectations from this team: Active team's all I ask.
    Screenshot of Wins/Losses/Abandons on your account: W/L/A : 69/45/0 , 295/297/1
  14. boney4rd

    boney4rd Active Member

    Would be interested. Believe you saw my thread as you messaged me.
  15. arev

    arev Active Member

    Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/arevevo
    Age:15 years
    Playing from:malaysia
    How long have you played dota:3 years
    Individual Skill:u mean pro or not , dun wt to say
    What roles do you play: support
    Preferred heroes: rasta , pudge , guardian wisp
    Expectations from this team: i dun know what that mean
    Screenshot of Wins/Losses/Abandons on your account: currently win 1 / lose 0 / abandons 0 (sry no screenshot taken)
  16. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    all of you added, except the last post
  17. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    Still recruiting couple more, updated rosters, would be great if EXCELLENT supports apply not some fail ones
  18. RoADartz

    RoADartz New Member

    Age: 17
    Playing from: India
    How long have you played dota: Dota 2 from I think ~Jan and Dota in general from ~09
    Individual Skill: :eek:? *what goes here?*
    What roles do you play: Ganker, Semi-Carry
    Preferred heroes: Clinkz/Gondar/Mirana/Bane/SandKing/Axe/
    Expectations from this team: Competitive Gaming and some fun times.
  19. Mercy.yp

    Mercy.yp Active Member

    steam id : Mercy.ing
    Play since 5.84 dota map :)
    Location : malaysia - asia guy!
    Try me :)
    hope to see u guys soon
  20. PemujaSetan

    PemujaSetan Well-Known Member

    last one not added
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