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    I was going through Dota 2 game files and noticed some interesting quotes, here's some of them.

    "alchemist: Damn, was gonna ask Batrider if he wanted to trade mounts. Hey!"
    "alchemist: You don't think Pudge will mind if we salvage him for fluids, do ya?"
    "alchemist: I always wondered what you'd get if you melted Apparition down."
    "alchemist: All right! Fairy dragon blood is hard to come by."

    "antimage: Terror Blade."
    "antimage: Hello, brother."
    "antimage: What would mother say?"
    "antimage: Mother always liked you best."

    "batrider: Oh, Lina, I was hoping you'd be my backwarmer."
    "batrider: Aw, Queenie, in another life we'd a been soulmates, I just know it!"
    "batrider: Drow Ranger, don't be a stranger."
    "batrider: Oh now, Windrunner, you don't have to run from me."
    "batrider: I know, Vengeful: Chicks rule. They also die."
    "batrider: I gotta say, Enchantress: You are spunky."
    "batrider: Spectre, I have no idea what you just said, but I could listen to you all day."
    "batrider: Crystal Maiden, you were a tall glass of ice water."
    "batrider: I'm not speakin ill of Lina when her ashes are still warm."
    "batrider: Damn, Lina, I carried such a torch for ya."
    "batrider: Always a pleasure being stalked by the Templar Assassin."
    "batrider: Death Prophet, I'm the one your visions been warning you about."
    "batrider: Mirana, I think your ride and mine have a thing for each other."
    "batrider: Broodmother, if you weren't already--ugh, never mind!"
    "batrider: I wish I could have got a better look at you, Phantom Assassin."
    "batrider: Hey Void! Have you seen Bat to the Future?"

    "doom_bringer: Storm Spirit, you're a pretentious bastard."
    "doom_bringer: Stom Spirit, shut up."

    "dragon_knight: Even as a part time dragon, I have bested you Jakiro."

    "enchantress: Nice rack, Leshrac!"

    "huskar: Respect, Bloodseeker."
    "huskar: Bloodseeker, that was well done."
    "huskar: Fearlessly into the fray, Axe, in this we are alike."

    "skeleton_king: You call yourself a king?"
    "skeleton_king: Clinkz…still playing at bow'n arrows, I see."
    "skeleton_king: Oh Queen of Pain, if I had flesh I'd let you torment it."
    "skeleton_king: Ah, Queen of Pain, my bones are yours to crack."

    "riki: This is redundant" ( When you obtain invisibility rune. )

    "sven: Curse you and the horse you rode in on." ( To Chaos Knight )

    I might post more later.
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    Bat to the future.
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    This Batrider is such a womanizer xD
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    The riki thing is cool
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    What about Riki's reaction to Lothar Edge?
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    Sadly, there's no specific quote for that.

    Another batch of lulz:

    "invoker: Throughout the aeons I have been known by many names…but my true name of power…is Carl." (Fucking lol'd)
    "invoker: Behold before you, the illustrious, imperious, ingenious arch-mage… CARL."

    When Jakiro obtains invisibility rune:

    "jakiro: Brother, where did you go?"
    "jakiro: Alone at last."
    "jakiro: For the first time in my life, I see no dragon beside me."
    "jakiro: Where goes the dragon at my shoulder?"
    "jakiro: Brother, you never looked better."
    "jakiro: Brother, you never looked better. No, you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

    "juggernaut: Does it matter if I put this in my jug or not. Get it? Jug or not?" (When he bottles a rune)
    "juggernaut: I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"
    "juggernaut: I'm the Juggernaut, Lich!"

    "kunkka: Tidehunter, eh? More like catch o' the day!"

    "leshrac: Enchantress, you're a disgrace to four legs."

    "life_stealer: Try to heal your way out of that, Omniknight."
    "life_stealer: Necrolyte, I'm not in the habit of stealing death."
    "life_stealer: Pudge, so much life to steal."
    "life_stealer: You had the right idea, Bloodseeker…but the wrong master."
    "life_stealer: Nature's Prophet…bleh…your life tastes like sap!"
    "life_stealer: Mmm, Queen of Pain… so succulent."
    "life_stealer: Mmm, Viper…tastes like chicken."
    "life_stealer: I steal your life…someone else already stole your face."

    "lina: Ice is not nice."
    "lina: Cold-hearted bitch."
    "lina: That's cold, Crystal."
    "lina: Crystal Maiden? More like Crystal Meltin'."
    "lina: Talk about sibling rivalry!"
    "lina: You were adopted!"

    "crystalmaiden: Ice trumps fire!"
    "crystalmaiden: Hell-bitch..."
    "crystalmaiden: Lina, you hellfire bitch!"
    "crystalmaiden: Lina, you hellfire hellbitch!"
    "crystalmaiden: I'm sorry, Sister. I always was the good one."
    "crystalmaiden: I always was the good one."
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    Carl had it coming.
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    Bat to the future.
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    Wait what?? CARL??!!
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    Woa, that's so mean.
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    Weaver: (after obtaining Radiance) "GLORIOUS RADIANCE!"
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    This is golden :rofl:
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    Carl ftw
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    nice 1 update it soon :)
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    "beastmaster: It's not the size of the beast in the fight…well, actually, size kinda helps."
    "beastmaster: Basshunter, on the hunt."

    "faceless_void: I may be faceless, but I'm not maceless."

    "nevermore: Never say Nevermore..."

    "night_stalker: I stalk, you crawl."
    "night_stalker: Mirana, I am most favored of the moon."
    "night_stalker: Luna, the moon favors me."

    "pudge: Nothing better than a nice raw liver."
    "pudge: Oh, kidneys. Kidneys is nice."

    "queenofpain: Time for some roleplay."

    "sniper: Dying is easy. Here, let me show you."
    "sniper: Why am I smiling? This is what trigger-happy looks like."

    "spirit_breaker: Basher, this is redundant."

    "sven: It's Rogue Knight, dammit! It's not rouge knight."

    "tidehunter: Kunkka, I thought I left you on the bottom of the sea."

    "ursa: Those who called Axe a bear of a man, have never met me."
    "ursa: I was not your Beast to Master."
    "ursa: Oh Lone Druid, you almost had me fooled."

    "vengefulspirit: Prepare for the wave of terror: boo!"

    "venomancer: Keep your enemies close, and your antidotes closer."
    "dark_seer: If you enemy is equal, prepare for him. If greater, elude him. If weaker, crush him."

    "venomancer: Ah, Viper, you might want to invest in some venom."

    "viper: Your venom was no match for my poison."
    "viper: Feather's are for the weak."
    "viper: Orb of venom. I need this why?"

    "warlock: Best Fiends Forever!"
    "warlock: Rapier? Really?"

    "weaver: What sort of bug are you, Assassin?"

    "windrunner: I'll hang my enemies armor like windchimes."
    "windrunner: Drow Ranger, where'd you learn to shoot?"

    "witchdoctor: Wait for it…wait for it…"
    "witchdoctor: He's about to pop."

    "zuus: Immortality was overrated. This is much more interesting."
    "zuus: If I didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent me."
    "zuus: In Me I trust."
    "zuus: Ah, my old friend Immortality." (Aegis)

    And that's the last one.

    If anyone is interested the files are located at:
    \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\resource\subtitles_heroname_english.txt
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    Never heard that Leoric is a masochist.
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    Beyond epic LOL
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    Never know if they're sisters.
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    Batrider is such a player. xD